Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dr Koh - Penang or KL?

Dr Koh Tsu Koon has been advised by The Old Master, LKY to stay in Penang for the coming election. This is actually a perfectly sensible suggestion. It will not only address the problem of having a general that can lead Gerakan for the war with DAP in the coming election but also provides stability in the party itself. BN needs a big shot to lead the battle in Penang. Not to underestimate the rest of the line up in Penang but the heft is not there whether intellectually or with experience. Another problem that could crop up if Dr Koh is to move to KL is the power vacuum left in Penang. The CM post is powerful and whoever holds it will be influential indeed. The problem here is the candidates available from Penang. The most experience one is considered too old and not reflective of the dynamism the party wish to project. The giant killer many years ago has the experience but not really considered a son of Penang, being from Johor. The few other younger leaders are considered too new and could upset the balance of power in the party. The conventional wisdom is for Dr Koh to move to Federal and control things from there. The implications of the move will be immense and will determine the leadership structure of Gerakan for the next decade. 2008 elections will show where Gerakan will be going for the next ten years.

Friday, January 18, 2008

DAP's ploy in Penang

Dap has agreed on the division of the electoral pie with PKR. The pie in other states has not been divided yet. Penang is seen as the most winning-able state and has top priority. Even to the point of sacrificing a couple of seats to PKR. Now, the seats allocated to PKR is not for PKR alone. PKR still has to divide its share with PAS. This is to avoid the accusation from MCA and Gerakan that DAP is sleeping with the enemy, the ' Islamic State objective' PAS. It is hoped that this ruse could be used as the denialibility factor when the shit hits the fan. However if something sounds like a fish, smells like a fish and looks like a fish, no amount of perfume can cover up the stink.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wawasan Open University - The Opening

WOU opens officially on 19th of January at the Homestead in Penang. It is another milestone in Gerakan's history. Its ambition is to educate the 5 million workforce in Malaysia without a degree. Entry into the university is easy but graduating will require as much work as the regular university. Aimed at working adults, the university brings education to the student's doorstep by having it online while having face to face interaction once a month at various learning centers around Malaysia on weekends. With scholarships and the lowest fees in Malaysia, higher education is available to all.