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Sometimes love just ain't enough

There is a feeling of hopelessness among our non-UMNO cadres. It is like walking on a travelator - in the opposite direction. You are working hard, putting one foot in front of the other but you are going nowhere. In fact you just can't keep up, you are even going backwards.
For every grand gesture by the PM, there is an almost Newtonian equal reaction to nulify the effect of the original action. For every 8atu Caves, there is a Beng Hock or for every change in fiscal policy, there is a Rais hare brained idea to bring us down to Earth.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Cash!

Cash Lee celebrated his 49th birthday last night at the Power Station. Friends and guests like Boorman Wong(Ahli Majlis Pasir Gudang) and PS Ting ( Ahli Majlis MBJBT) attended. Happy Birthday Cash!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire.

In a recent political discourse, accussations have been made towards the State leadership for systematic castration of certain people's right to be nominated as a Life Member. Without checking the facts, they maintained that two of their supporters have been purposely left out from the list of Life Members. However, what they did know was that the list was drawn up by Dr Chin after applying a set of priorities in selecting Life Members. Even the computer list sent by HQ was deemed a fabricated evidence by these people. Nothing could convince them that 'their' people did not qualify on merit. By hook or by crook they wanted their people in. Well, what else can we say. Que sera sera?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Case of the Bulging Carpet

Recently a vernacular paper highlighted the case of two MCA members complaining about having their identity being used to register as Gerakan members in Segamat. This is a serious case of phantom voters. We were made to believe that our members administration is ISO approved and therefore phantom free. However this case has proved that this is not true. The leadership must take this case seriously as a police report has been lodged and our reputation is at stake. The perpetrator must be identified and strict disciplinary action taken. Lets not push the matter under our bulging carpet.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pulai Division Speaks Out

Pulai Division headed by Saudara Hoe Hong Seng showed their displeasure with the selection process for the post of Ahli Majlis MBJBT. They are incensed that their candidate, Sdr Hoe, was overlooked in favour of a less experienced candidate. They were also not happy that the seat vacated by Sdr Koh Kian Siang of Pulai Division has been replaced by a candidate from Gelang Patah division. The lost seat has been a blow to the division which now has no government representative. Sdr Ho has called out for more transparency in the selection process to ensure the best candidate is chosen. He feels let down by the state leadership, promising a mountain and delivering more promises. We need to address the real issue here. The posts as always have been used as a bargaining chip. If you have a chip to exchange then the post is yours. This is Gerakan politics.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nizar is MB

Well, all the fuss was about nothing. The court has decided. Nizar is the MB. But for how long? He will want to have new elections because if he goes for the assembly, he will be voted out. So the ball is in the Sultan's court. Maybe it is for the best. I am proud that BN did not riot nor demonstrate when they had to give back the seat of power. Let see PR do that the next time instead of boosting sales of T shirts every time they do not agree. I think people is getting tired of the antics of these people. That is why only a few hundreds show up in Ipoh on May 7. People can see self interest at work from miles away. In any case, Perak is still not done. If an election comes along, the results may not be as expected. I have a feeling the people will surprise us.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Najib is right

Najib was right when he said that the change in govt in Perak did not contravene the constitution. The ADUNs have the right to change party and they exercised that right. When PR lost the majority, they have to make way for the new majority to form a govt. They cannot insist on a re election just because they have lost the majority. It is the PR's govt obstinacy which has brought the Perak govt to the state it is today. Their refusal to hand over the seat of govt peacefully has made it a ruckus and a big mess. But it has also shown what kind of leaders they are. Leaders who bully women, throw stuffs, climb onto tables and chairs and people who do not know when to quit. The Speaker Sivakumar has obviously exceeded his authority. The speakers role in the Dewan was to ensure sobriety and order but he has made the position an even more powerful position than the MB. The tail wagging the dog? Definitely, when he can sack whoever he likes. PR should just admit defeat and wait for their chance again in a few years.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Poh Thong

Happy birthday to Poh Thong. May the cake fulfill your wishes in your day of birth. The party was held in Power Station with friends from all over.

Perak debacle

Seems like the Perak debacle will be solved today. Well, at least for now or until the legal complications are resolved. Which would mean, not until the next election. Haha.

Lets examine what happened. The debacle started when three PR assemblymen/women decided they do not want to be under PR anymore and decided to jump to the other side. When the PR leaders realised they could lose the seat of govt, three letters of resignation was faxed to the Speaker. Without veryfying the authenticity of the letters with the signatories, the speaker declared the assemblymen and women as resigned. Fortunately the Election Commision was not so stupid and checked with the ADUNs. Lo and behold, the letters were presigned and legally invalid, therefore making the resignation non grata. With the ADUNs pledging their alliance with BN, the pendulum has now swung. Unfortunatelly the leadership of PR is still insisting that the resignation is valid and it is they who hold the power of govt. With the help of an obstinate Speaker, PR has manage to drag the matter till today. The showdown was held and the Speaker kicked out. Maybe it is the end or the beginning of the new chapter in the Story of Govt of Perak.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is the problem?

Last night, PM Najib called for a dinner. Gerakan was allocated 10 tables. The leaders decided that liason committee members should attend the dinner and extended the invitstion to Pemuda and Wanita for the rest. However on the day of the dinner, we found out that Kulai Division decided to hold a division meeting on that day. Not one Kulai representative was present apart from YB Cheong. There is an uderlying message here somewehere. Does this mean that the Kulai division no longer wants to be a part of Gerakan Johor? Or they are bocotting state's activity just for fun. After all when you think of it, Kulai division is the strongest Gerakan division in Johor and some say Malaysia. Kulai division contributed 1 MP and 2 Aduns, in fact all of Gerakan Johor representatives to the goverment. It is a wonder that Kulai Division did not get the state's chairman post as well. It must have been an abnormality to have a non Kulai people to win the state's chairman post. It is now like the tail wagging the dog.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Majlis Jamuan Makan Malam dengan PM Najib.

Majlis Jamuan Makan Malam dengan PM Najib telah diadakan di Persada Johor pada 20 April 2009. Lebih 2000 pemimpin parti parti komponen Barisan Nasional menghadiri majlis ini. Turut hadir ialah Timbalan PM Muhyiddin dan juga Dato Ong Tee Keat. Hidangan istimewa jamuan makan malam adalah Beryani Gam dan beryani kambing bersama ayam masak merah, udang goreng rangup dan kuah dalca. Majlis tamat pada pukul 10.30 selepas ucapan bersemangat PM Najib.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to make Gerakan relevant again 2

Quiet. Quiet as a mouse even when we saw that some leaders are just not doing the job. The peruntukkan is the drug and we are the addicts. We have to stop cold turkey. Survive on our own or not at all. Sooner or later, BN will lose the government. We will be the opposition just as the KMT in Taiwan lost after many years in govt. But not to worry, on maturing to a two party democracy, we will have a chance to get back on the saddle. The masses is fickle and is easily bored. Change will be implemented and once again we will be in favour. To shorten the turnover time, we must change in anticipation of what will be popular in the future. Racialism is out, multi racialism is in. For real, not for show only. The public knows the difference. Fight for real equality and justice. How can we support mother tongue education for maths and science while at the same time espousing Satu Malaysia. This is really a hypocritical idea. If we are for Satu Malaysia, everything should be done together. Not in different schools.

How to make Gerakan relevant again

Gerakan is currently deemed irrelevant in the Malaysian political diaspora. With only 2 parliamentarians and a handful of ADUNs, Gerakan was virtually wiped out during the 2008 election. This is because Gerakan no longer uphold its original charter of being a multi racial party. It has instead morphed into MCA ver 2.0 with chinese dominated agenda and leaders who think along racial lines. Meetings were conducted in mandarin and members from other races were not recruited. Branches were set up just as pawns in internal party battles. Being in the government for so long has made us soft. We were pampered with trappings of power and members that joined were attracted to those too. Low cost house, permits and licenses were the code word to recruit members. On the way, ideals such as equality, rights and justice were set aside when it become inconvenient. We accepted bribes in form of peruntukkan from the government to keep quiet even when we saw that things are not right. The money stuffed into our mouths kept us qu

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why the by-elections loss in the bukits is good for us. Part 2

The perkongsian kuasa is not working. That is why the non malays are not voting BN. Gerakan is practically not in the government because we have no representation at all. We may as well be in the opposition. At least that way we can be more open with our views. However the leaders are still attached to the notion that Gerakan was a founding member of BN and should not just leave like that. Many gerakan members are disillusioned. A party with no influence is irrelevant. It is just another social club. Politics is about power. Power to influence. Power to change and power to empower. Without all these, can Gerakan survive?

Why the by-elections loss in the bukits is good for us.

So we lost the two bukits. It was back to status quo. Najib's ascendancy did not change the equation nor did Mahathir's campaigning. It just means BN needs to transform more of itself. MCA and Gerakan did not bring in the chinese voters. UMNO will be pissed and blame the two chinese parties for not pulling their weight. The two parties will say they are guilty by association with UMNO. As long as UMNO do not change, elections will be lost. Gerakan is no longer an entity in the BN government. We have no representation in the government. Even the JPMM post in Skudai is now a lost cause. A few more days and we will celebrate the first anniversary of our request for the post. The Johor govt has ignored us and we are no longer servicing the area. And there will be no service until the position is clear that we retain the right to represent BN in Skudai. The BN chairman from UMNO was an obstacle to Gerakan and still is. By right, the BN chairman should be the MP of Gelang Patah, Mdm Tan Ah Eng but it is not. This is the point of contention and the reason why we lost and will continue to lose. Unless the component parties are treated fairly, the electorate will not vote for UMNO stooges.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do you know where we are going to?

I am having problems with Gerakan political future nowadays. People asked me what are we going to do next? And I tell them dutifully that we will reclaim what was once ours. But when they probe further, what are you doing to win back what was once yours? I have no answer. The truth is we have done nothing. After the election, we had our own election but the new team has not make any significant moves. No grand plan to recapture lost seats. No commitee to spearhead a task force. NOTHING. Apart from feeble press statements from the sidelines, Gerakan no longer make the headlines. Even press statements issued to certain vernacular papers were considered spam by the papers' firewall. How pathetic is that?

Gerakan needs to get of their sorry asses and work hard if we are to survive. Nobody is going to rollover and let Gerakan takeover. We will have to fight for it, an inch at a time. Taskforce needs to be set up in our kawasan with the purpose of winning the mind, hearts and votes of the rakyat. The opposition will no sit still waiting for us to catch up and that is why we have to start now. No more sulking over lost positions or misplaced loyalties, for to win, we need to be ONE. One mission, one will and one victory.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

In Public Interest

The Elizabeth Wong saga demonstrate the inner voyeur in all of us. We are disgusted by the invasion of privacy the saga promotes but at the same can't seem to stop talking about it and looking for it in the internet. It is like a car crash. We just cannot stop but look if only to get the four digit number. Elizabeth Wong saga is a car crash. It is not wanted nor wished for but it is there and we cannot stop talking, writing and reading about it. We are sorry for her for what happened. From reports, she seemed like a good ADUN, working hard and honest to the bone. But shit happens. In the words of Forest Gump, life is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes there are worms in it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gerakan sidelined?

After the last election, the Johor MB has appointed one Pembantu Khas in each of the kawasan lost to the opposition except Skudai. Gerakan has recommended Sdr Koo Shiaw Lee, the PA to the previous YB. Until today the appointment has not been confirmed despite numerous request and reminders from central in the matter. Is the MB opposed to having a Gerakan Pembantu Khas? He should just come out and say it, instead of dillying and dallying for so long. We will have our annual dinner on 7 Mac, one year to the date of election. We should make an announcement then. Reject the appointment and do it ourself in Skudai. We must prepare for the next round, with or without the MB. We should also lay the groundwork to welcome the next MB so that we will not have the same problem again. Heard Wong Siew Poh was made a Pembantu Khas. Maybe that is the sign.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Perak - democracy in action(2)

Third, in choosing people who jumps for money or anything else, shows the lack of talent in PR. We would have wished for a more gentle way of winning but this is politics. If they wanted fairplay they should have played chess instead. The only regret PR has actually is not doing it to us first at national level. Trips to Taiwan, declarations after declarations, PR has no shame stating they wanted to take over the govt by defection. Lastly, PR deserve to lose Perak because they were already to addicted to the trappings of power. Notice how the ex MB declared he is going to fight till his last drop of blood. Who can blame him? Politics without power is like marriage without sex.

Perak - democracy in action

Many has written why the takeover of Perak govt by BN is not demoratic and immoral. However, for the sake of equality, we should be objective and look at it with a clear head. Firstly, PR had no qualms welcoming a frog when the situation suits them but now cries that it is immoral, illegal and undemocratic. They even tried to block the process by pulling out a presigned letter of resignation. Although it has been established that such letters are invalid, PR insisted that the ADUNs resigned on their own. The PR speaker did not even have the courtesy to check with the ADUNs the authenticity of the letters. This has got to be the dungu-est speaker ever or he has to be in on it all along. Secondly, the ex MB announced the dissolution of the assembly only after they have lost the majority. They should have dissolved it while they had the majority and they would be in the right. They also bungled it when they annouced the dissolution before getting royal consent.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Press Releases by Gerakan Leaders

I just went to Gerakan's main website. There are several press releases by Gerakan leaders recently. Here is what I found : Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon - 3 Dr Dominic Lau - 2 Sdr Teng Chang Yeow - 1 and Jayanthi - 1.

Three leaders release a press statement for the New Year, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Sdr Teng Chang Yeow and Dr Dominic Lau as Pemuda Sec-Gen. Isn't it a bit odd to have the Sec-Gen instead of the Ketua Pemuda to release a vision statement for the year?

What has the Ketua Pemuda been doing? The Pemuda Sec-Gen has been releasing press statement with regularity, putting our message across and even engaging a dialogue with the Human Resource Ministry. The Ketua Pemuda must buck up. Wonder if he went to KT for the by election?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Election in Terengganu

The KT election happens today. A by election after the demise of the previous MP, it has generated excitement never before seen in the history of the town. Millions have been spent, by both sides, to win this little election. It is little because it will have no bearing on the status of the government. What it is, is face. Both cannot afford to lose. One, to maintain the anti govt momentum and the other, to stop it. Dad told me he has been feasting everyday. There has been a feast somewhere in town since nomination day. He went to Gerakan's karaoke event and also the Wei Sin Dinner. He took mom to Tian Kee one morning for an event. He did not go to DAP's events at Ocean restaurant though. Had to pay RM30 plus tips(donations). But he did get reimbursement for mom from both PAS and BN. RM200 each. He also received a carton of oranges from MCA and two oranges hanged at the door from the PAS candidate when he was not at home. The thing is this, by elections are good for the economy. Millions have been spent in the local economy in a matter of days. Ocean and Tian Kee really strike the lottery this time. We should have this thing more often. We should ask the MP to take turns resigning and stimulate the local economy. Pak Lah do not have to lament the lack of local consumption. Elections benefit the local economy and helps the poorest people with direct monetary injection. The multiplier effect is enormous. Elections are good. It is democratic and it helps poor people.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Walk the Talk

Recently the central has been very concerned with the ''Potong Jalan Syndrome''. A warning has been issued to all states to stay in line as per the constitution with regard to recommending candidates for govt position. The approved flow of decision makers are as follows: branch to state to central. This is to prevent any duplicitous recommendations either by the state or the branch. However a bigger question looms as certain parties have taken advantage of the autocratic decision making process from central to bypass state decisions. We want the central to walk the talk and not talk the walk. But like the crab teaching its progeny to walk, it is harder than it seems. Bikin tak serupa cakap.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Gerak Tumpu Flat Taman Tun Aminah

Ahli Majlis MBJBT Sdr Ting Pang Seng telah menganjurkan program Gerak Tumpu di rumah pangsa blok 10 hingga 20 bersama Persatuan Penduduk Tun Aminah dan Badan Pengurusan Blok 10-20 pada 4 Januari 2009. Bersama program Gerak Tumpu juga diadakan Pertandingan Pakaian Kanak-Kanak. Acara di rasmikan oleh wakil Ahli Parlimen Gelang Patah Sdr Goh Teck Kuan dan juga Dato Teo Kok Chee, Pengerusi Parti Gerakan Negeri Johor.