Saturday, November 8, 2008

Looking for Obama in Malaysia

Yup, Obama won and quite handsomely too. McCain was gracious in defeat, conceding early and promising to work together with the new administration. Our own opposition can learn a thing or two from them on How to Lose 101. They fought hard and sometimes rough. More than a billion dollars was spent on the election. But the money there was all to see. TV ads, billboards, even internet ads. And most of the money, at least on the Obama side, was from small contributions. It shows that every person do matter and can make a difference. The question here in Malaysia is, do we have an Obama here. Someone who will unite us, black or white ( bumi and non-bumi ), inspire us and lead us to a better world. This old one is leaking here and there, and needs too much maintenance. Might not survive in 22nd century. We need change too. Change in thinking. Change in doing things. And most of all, more pocket Change.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Skudai's Predicament

In Gelang Patah's division meeting last night, a new secretary was elected. Sdr Teo Chu Giap from Lima Kedai replaced Sdr Ting Pang Seng of Taman Universiti. Will we see a new Ahli Majlis representing Gelang Patah this year? Hopefully we can get a candidate that will be able to shoulder the responsibility of winning back the Skudai state seat. Whatever happened to the JPMM post anyway? Last I heard Sdr Koo Shiaw Lee was proposed for the job. However, in the meeting last night, opposition came from Sdr Steven Ou, who at first proposed Sdr Khoo Kong Ek and then later himself for the post.

Well, whoever is chosen will have to work hard to win back Skudai state seat. He or she will have to organised a team to service the area, launch projects to gain goodwill from the population and basically go against the seemingly impossible task of unseating Dr Boo. Good luck to whoever gets the job.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pulai Division Installation Dinner

Pulai Division had their installation dinner at Jia Ping Restaurant, T.U.T.A. tonight. The event was formally opened by Dato Teo Kok Chee, Pengerusi Gerakan Negeri Johor. The 50 table event had the usual karaoke event and speeches. Pulai Division is headed by Sdr Hoe Hong Seng