Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to get things done and not be jailed under ISA.

Pasir Gudang division head, Dr Ker Ching Sheng, showed us how a very sensitive case like a loud volumed speaker at a mosque could be handled. The mosque in Johor Jaya recently upgraded their sound system which has been a discomfort to many Johor Jaya residents. The residents brought this to their ADUN but to no avail. The opposition Keadilan passed it around like a hot potato starting with Tian Chua down to the head of division. In the end, Dr Ker's help was sought. He was apprehensive at first because this type of issue can be blown out of proportion and ended up like Theresa Kok. Anyway with advise from the secretary of division, Sdr Koo Shiaw Lee, Dr Ker met with the mosque Iman and explained the predicament. He offered to upgrade the mosque's minaret as a gesture of goodwill by getting the community to chip in. The Iman was so touched he immediatelly adjusted the sound system and all is well again. It goes to show that talking to each other is still the best way of solving these problems.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rules are rules

Sunday was the first meeting of the state Pemuda liaison commitee. In a pincer crab movement, Pasir Gudang and Sri Gading questioned the appointment of an AJK without prior approval from CWC. Saudara Steven Au was appointed AJK to take up a CC national position, however in their haste, the state leadership has not made an application to the CWC. Well, rules are rules. There should not be any short cut, no matter who you are. In an unrelated matter, Treasurer Liang Chi publicly questioned former Ketua Pemuda and present Adviser Sdr Koh Kian Siang about the cash in the bank. He wants to know why there is a drastic reduction in the last moment of the previous administration. A suggestion has been brought forward to visit the Parliament this year. YB Liang has promised to make arrangement. New Ketua Pemuda Saudara Yap Cheng Heng declared that the priority for the first half of the year will be recruitment and training. Sdr Kian Hwa from Gelang Patah has been appointed as the coordinator for the recruitment drive.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unscientific experiment

A friend called up JB Sin Chew office and asked for Dr Boo's( DAP Skudai ADUN) handphone number. The person from Sin Chew was very defensive and did not want to reveal Dr Boo's number. She said Dr Boo is a very busy person, serving the community and working in his clinic. She added that we should not disturb him. Wow! The vernacular press is really in love with their leaders from DAP. They are also very protective of them even when negative news arises. The DAP leaders are never taken to task for any boo-boos. Nanyang were more accomodating, giving the number without any fuss.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What holds the shoe together

A secret agent had problems with his latest high tech shoe issued by Q, the technical expert in charge of equipment. So what is the problem,doc asked the agent. It keeps coming off when I run. Hmmmm, Q replied, it seems to be matter of the quantum of shoelace.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The most expensive curry chicken mee

Today I almost had a heart attack before I ate a cholesterol laden curry chicken mee. It was at Ka Poh noodle house at Dedap, near the Pan Mian shop. I ordered the large curry chicken noodle with chopped chicken. I told them to hold the roast pork and prawns because I did not want the curry chicken noodle to be contaminated with alien stuff. It came in a large bowl. Well, the bowl was large, content was adequate. Then I paid the girl with a ten ringgit note. The girl stood there waiting. Funny, I thought it would be enough, so I asked her. Sebelas ringgit she said. Wow! I haven't eaten but i choked anyway. Ten for noodles and one for the kopi o. Why so expensive? Peha, tuan. I am going to buy Ayamas stock after this, I thought as I savored the most expensive chicken curry noodle ever.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

BN direct membership- will it work?

Pak Lah was thinking aloud when he mentioned direct membership in BN. Apart from Gerakan I don't see any support from any other party for it. Sdr Mah Siew Keong has been peddling this idea for some time but as soon as it came out from Pak Lah's mouth, Shabery from UMNO shot it down as an UMNO killer. Imagine this, if BN was to recruit directly then it would logical for its members to be eligible for Prime Ministership. Now, this and the deputy PM's post have always been UMNO's and if a non-malay under BN membership were allowed to be even deputy PM, that will be the end of UMNO. The reason many Malays join UMNO is because of its historical link with power and privileges. With the loss of 5 states recently, UMNO is not seen as invincible after all and no longer guarantees access to the seat of power. It is getting complicated and more so as time goes by. To change or to remain the same. Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The aftermath of NDC 2008

In the aftermath of NDC 2008, a well worn story of lies, betrayal and hatred lays in its wake. The saga of Paul Yong's betrayal was played out in full view of the youth delegates. NS ex ketua pemuda thought he was in the money, as the saying goes. He was in the same team as the anointed leader of the youth, sdr Lim Si Pin and a bunch of his people was in the dream team as well. As the results rolled out that day, a slow realisation dawned on him as heads rolled one by one. His people was going by the wayside faster that a kangaroo in heat. When his name was announced as the best loser in the timbalan ketua pemuda category, he knew that he was betrayed. Betrayed by the very same person he has supported and partnered all the while. The knife was still sticking to his back as he made his way out from the dewan. He feels hurt but also anger. Probably angry for being so stupid and greedy enough that he lost sight of the game at hand. This is politics. Betrayal was always on the menu.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Si Pin won but at a price

Sdr Lim Si Pin won the Ketua Pemuda Gerakan post easily. However the team has to sacrifice a "queen" for the victory. Sdr Paul Yong lost the Timbalan Ketua Pemuda post to Sdr Oh Tong Keong who is in the same team as Sdr Chai Tek Loong. In any event, Naib Ketua Pemudas was a mixed group. Sdr Liang Teck Meng, Sdr Vincent Hooi Wy Hon and Sdr David Ang came in ahead of Sdr S.Vijaya Kumar and Sdr Stephen Doss.

One surprising result is the rejection of the non-chinese candidates at the Naib Ketua Pemuda level. I am sure the leadership must be scratching their head over this development when they are trying to promote multi racialism in the party. Sdr Dr Teng Hock Nan even withdrew from the VP race for this reason. Maybe the youth needs more time to accept multi racialism or are we just practicing meritocracy. Either by multiracialism or by meritocracy, we need to get more people from non chinese races to join Gerakan. The party needs to reflect the nation's aspirations and sadly, color, before we can say we are the Party for Malaysians.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


D-day starts tomorrow. As the delegates make their way to the impressive Gerakan building from all over the country to select our future leaders, one thing will definitely be on our collective minds. What direction will Gerakan take after this? We are at an important juncture in the history of the party. In our hands, we have the power to choose the party's destiny. Are we going to be what we said we are, a non racial approach to justice and equality or are we going to play the zero sum game of ''them and us''? Can Gerakan members rise to its initial vision forged in the idealistic 60s or are we one with Borg and there is just no escape. Move It believe that if we stick to our original principles and voted in good honest hardworking people who believe in the Gerakan way, we can do no wrong. We have a choice. Change or Perish.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Meeting Lim Si Pin

Met Sdr Lim last night at Bamboo Garden Seafood restaurant. He spoke well, in mandarin no less but did not elaborate on any issues. It is a safe speech. Paul Yong on the other hand sounded apologetic for the involvement of fellow Negeri gerakan member Chai Tek Loong in the Ketua Pemuda race. There was no need to explain why somebody else is a candidate. After all Gerakan practises democracy, any one can offer themselves for any post. There is no need to be selected or pre approved. The food was good but the order of delivery a bit strange. The rice came in the middle of the course. Wondered who paid?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sdr Lim Si Pin will be in town tomorrow.

Sdr Lim Si Pin aka Ketua Pemuda Candidate will be in town tomorrow to meet all the division leaders and delegates. The meeting will be held in Pelangi somewhere at 730pm. I hope to attend. It will be an opportunity to listen to what he had to say. Anyway most of the Johor leadership is already in his camp. Sdr Liang Teck Meng is already competing for VP under his banner. So is Sdr Yap Cheng Heng, for the AJK post. In any case, two is not enough. Johor has the most represetatives in the delegates count and also in government representation. By right, Johor should be leading the charge and not be mere followers. At the least, one of our YBs should be competing for the deputy or even the Ketua post. Unless of course, they think they just don't have the head to fit the hat. I say, nothing ventured nothing gained. Let the games begin.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Why people quit their jobs?

Auntie has called Koo up and asked him to reconsider his decision to quit. In actual fact, the decision has been difficult for Koo. The straw that broke the camel's back was the incident with the three ladies from Kulai. He did not expect people that he had helped and was on friendly terms with would stab him in the back. There was also the betrayal of his boss in the youth election. A boss that is willing to sell out his most loyal supporters for an extra 50 votes he does not need, will one day sell Koo out too. And at that time Koo might not have a lucrative job offer waiting for him. Koo cannot afford to be without a job, even for month. The boss should understand that this is not personal, just good common sense. The Boss' conduct did not encourage the confidence that his people will be taken care off. His supporters are just bargaining chips to be used at appropriate times to gain advantage over the opponents. Understandable but not a right conduct in our Liu Bei's mind. This kind of leadership is morally wrong.PERIOD

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sdr Chai Tek Loong- the maverick Ketua Pemuda Nasional candidate

Met Sdr Chai Tek Loong today near Goodhope Hotel. He was doing his rounds of the various states to gather support for his bid to be the Ketua Pemuda Nasional against Sdr Lim Si Pin. It will be an uphill battle against the present Deputy. In fact most of Johor reps have already move in behind Sdr Lim this time. There is even a bus to take delegates up this time. Sdr Chai even got us to sign the nomination forms for him. He was also willing to submit our nomination forms for Johnson and me. Looks like Move It will be on the ballot again.

The state executive secretary and Central Liaison Officer quits.

Sdr Koo Shiaw Lee quits his post as the state executive secretary and CLO on Tuesday in a letter to the state secretary, Sdr Cheong Chin Liang. He has decided to quit working for the party to concentrate on his career. He will pick up his career as a HR executive in a well known local bakery cum bistro.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dr Teng told them to bugger off

I am beginning to have new found respect for Dr Teng. In a statement, he told both MCA and UMNO to basically bugger off and mind their own business. Whether our members wants to be in or out of BN is our own business. Bravo Dr Teng!! That is right. It is our right to choose. Not even the president of Gerakan can tell us what we want. We still have democracy in this party.