Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do you know where we are going to?

I am having problems with Gerakan political future nowadays. People asked me what are we going to do next? And I tell them dutifully that we will reclaim what was once ours. But when they probe further, what are you doing to win back what was once yours? I have no answer. The truth is we have done nothing. After the election, we had our own election but the new team has not make any significant moves. No grand plan to recapture lost seats. No commitee to spearhead a task force. NOTHING. Apart from feeble press statements from the sidelines, Gerakan no longer make the headlines. Even press statements issued to certain vernacular papers were considered spam by the papers' firewall. How pathetic is that?

Gerakan needs to get of their sorry asses and work hard if we are to survive. Nobody is going to rollover and let Gerakan takeover. We will have to fight for it, an inch at a time. Taskforce needs to be set up in our kawasan with the purpose of winning the mind, hearts and votes of the rakyat. The opposition will no sit still waiting for us to catch up and that is why we have to start now. No more sulking over lost positions or misplaced loyalties, for to win, we need to be ONE. One mission, one will and one victory.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

In Public Interest

The Elizabeth Wong saga demonstrate the inner voyeur in all of us. We are disgusted by the invasion of privacy the saga promotes but at the same can't seem to stop talking about it and looking for it in the internet. It is like a car crash. We just cannot stop but look if only to get the four digit number. Elizabeth Wong saga is a car crash. It is not wanted nor wished for but it is there and we cannot stop talking, writing and reading about it. We are sorry for her for what happened. From reports, she seemed like a good ADUN, working hard and honest to the bone. But shit happens. In the words of Forest Gump, life is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes there are worms in it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gerakan sidelined?

After the last election, the Johor MB has appointed one Pembantu Khas in each of the kawasan lost to the opposition except Skudai. Gerakan has recommended Sdr Koo Shiaw Lee, the PA to the previous YB. Until today the appointment has not been confirmed despite numerous request and reminders from central in the matter. Is the MB opposed to having a Gerakan Pembantu Khas? He should just come out and say it, instead of dillying and dallying for so long. We will have our annual dinner on 7 Mac, one year to the date of election. We should make an announcement then. Reject the appointment and do it ourself in Skudai. We must prepare for the next round, with or without the MB. We should also lay the groundwork to welcome the next MB so that we will not have the same problem again. Heard Wong Siew Poh was made a Pembantu Khas. Maybe that is the sign.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Perak - democracy in action(2)

Third, in choosing people who jumps for money or anything else, shows the lack of talent in PR. We would have wished for a more gentle way of winning but this is politics. If they wanted fairplay they should have played chess instead. The only regret PR has actually is not doing it to us first at national level. Trips to Taiwan, declarations after declarations, PR has no shame stating they wanted to take over the govt by defection. Lastly, PR deserve to lose Perak because they were already to addicted to the trappings of power. Notice how the ex MB declared he is going to fight till his last drop of blood. Who can blame him? Politics without power is like marriage without sex.

Perak - democracy in action

Many has written why the takeover of Perak govt by BN is not demoratic and immoral. However, for the sake of equality, we should be objective and look at it with a clear head. Firstly, PR had no qualms welcoming a frog when the situation suits them but now cries that it is immoral, illegal and undemocratic. They even tried to block the process by pulling out a presigned letter of resignation. Although it has been established that such letters are invalid, PR insisted that the ADUNs resigned on their own. The PR speaker did not even have the courtesy to check with the ADUNs the authenticity of the letters. This has got to be the dungu-est speaker ever or he has to be in on it all along. Secondly, the ex MB announced the dissolution of the assembly only after they have lost the majority. They should have dissolved it while they had the majority and they would be in the right. They also bungled it when they annouced the dissolution before getting royal consent.