Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is the problem?

Last night, PM Najib called for a dinner. Gerakan was allocated 10 tables. The leaders decided that liason committee members should attend the dinner and extended the invitstion to Pemuda and Wanita for the rest. However on the day of the dinner, we found out that Kulai Division decided to hold a division meeting on that day. Not one Kulai representative was present apart from YB Cheong. There is an uderlying message here somewehere. Does this mean that the Kulai division no longer wants to be a part of Gerakan Johor? Or they are bocotting state's activity just for fun. After all when you think of it, Kulai division is the strongest Gerakan division in Johor and some say Malaysia. Kulai division contributed 1 MP and 2 Aduns, in fact all of Gerakan Johor representatives to the goverment. It is a wonder that Kulai Division did not get the state's chairman post as well. It must have been an abnormality to have a non Kulai people to win the state's chairman post. It is now like the tail wagging the dog.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Majlis Jamuan Makan Malam dengan PM Najib.

Majlis Jamuan Makan Malam dengan PM Najib telah diadakan di Persada Johor pada 20 April 2009. Lebih 2000 pemimpin parti parti komponen Barisan Nasional menghadiri majlis ini. Turut hadir ialah Timbalan PM Muhyiddin dan juga Dato Ong Tee Keat. Hidangan istimewa jamuan makan malam adalah Beryani Gam dan beryani kambing bersama ayam masak merah, udang goreng rangup dan kuah dalca. Majlis tamat pada pukul 10.30 selepas ucapan bersemangat PM Najib.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to make Gerakan relevant again 2

Quiet. Quiet as a mouse even when we saw that some leaders are just not doing the job. The peruntukkan is the drug and we are the addicts. We have to stop cold turkey. Survive on our own or not at all. Sooner or later, BN will lose the government. We will be the opposition just as the KMT in Taiwan lost after many years in govt. But not to worry, on maturing to a two party democracy, we will have a chance to get back on the saddle. The masses is fickle and is easily bored. Change will be implemented and once again we will be in favour. To shorten the turnover time, we must change in anticipation of what will be popular in the future. Racialism is out, multi racialism is in. For real, not for show only. The public knows the difference. Fight for real equality and justice. How can we support mother tongue education for maths and science while at the same time espousing Satu Malaysia. This is really a hypocritical idea. If we are for Satu Malaysia, everything should be done together. Not in different schools.

How to make Gerakan relevant again

Gerakan is currently deemed irrelevant in the Malaysian political diaspora. With only 2 parliamentarians and a handful of ADUNs, Gerakan was virtually wiped out during the 2008 election. This is because Gerakan no longer uphold its original charter of being a multi racial party. It has instead morphed into MCA ver 2.0 with chinese dominated agenda and leaders who think along racial lines. Meetings were conducted in mandarin and members from other races were not recruited. Branches were set up just as pawns in internal party battles. Being in the government for so long has made us soft. We were pampered with trappings of power and members that joined were attracted to those too. Low cost house, permits and licenses were the code word to recruit members. On the way, ideals such as equality, rights and justice were set aside when it become inconvenient. We accepted bribes in form of peruntukkan from the government to keep quiet even when we saw that things are not right. The money stuffed into our mouths kept us qu

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why the by-elections loss in the bukits is good for us. Part 2

The perkongsian kuasa is not working. That is why the non malays are not voting BN. Gerakan is practically not in the government because we have no representation at all. We may as well be in the opposition. At least that way we can be more open with our views. However the leaders are still attached to the notion that Gerakan was a founding member of BN and should not just leave like that. Many gerakan members are disillusioned. A party with no influence is irrelevant. It is just another social club. Politics is about power. Power to influence. Power to change and power to empower. Without all these, can Gerakan survive?

Why the by-elections loss in the bukits is good for us.

So we lost the two bukits. It was back to status quo. Najib's ascendancy did not change the equation nor did Mahathir's campaigning. It just means BN needs to transform more of itself. MCA and Gerakan did not bring in the chinese voters. UMNO will be pissed and blame the two chinese parties for not pulling their weight. The two parties will say they are guilty by association with UMNO. As long as UMNO do not change, elections will be lost. Gerakan is no longer an entity in the BN government. We have no representation in the government. Even the JPMM post in Skudai is now a lost cause. A few more days and we will celebrate the first anniversary of our request for the post. The Johor govt has ignored us and we are no longer servicing the area. And there will be no service until the position is clear that we retain the right to represent BN in Skudai. The BN chairman from UMNO was an obstacle to Gerakan and still is. By right, the BN chairman should be the MP of Gelang Patah, Mdm Tan Ah Eng but it is not. This is the point of contention and the reason why we lost and will continue to lose. Unless the component parties are treated fairly, the electorate will not vote for UMNO stooges.