Monday, October 8, 2007

NDC, Photo Whores and the Kiss Ass Jacks

The NDC is over and the baton has been passed. Without LKY at the NDC, all attention was on KTK. The press seems impressed with our scholarly and grammatically correct leader but certain sections of the delegates is not too happy with the dry delivery and to them, not enough chinese content. It seems to these people, they would like the leader to acknowledge the majority's language even though there are delegates who will be left out when chinese is used. Gerakan being a non racial party is right to use our national language as the lingua franca because being a Malaysian after 50 years of independence, nobody has a right to say they do not know the language. This tyranny of the majority should be stopped, at all levels.

Whenever an SDC or NDC comes along, there will be a species of members that will flourish. When a camera is flashed, these species of members will be right in front of the camera. The species has a sixth sense to warn them of an impending photo session and has the uncanny ability to squeeze into the best spot usually beside a VIP or just behind them. No wonder they are known as Photo Whores or P-Hoes for short.

Another species that thrives during SDC and NDC is the Kiss Ass Jacks or KAJs for short. This species will be the first ones to volunteer for the Airport Run to fetch the VIPs. It seems by being near the VIPs, whatever VIPness will be transferred by osmosis to these species and as a consequence they will feel more important than they really are. Sort of like the side mirrors in cars, objects appear closer than they really are. Sometimes the urge is so strong that official duties are even neglected to the detriment of the party, thus negating any VIPness absorbed because other members will be cursing them for not performing their responsibilities.

Look out for these species in the next SDC, NDC or even at the 100 tables Dinner. Psst psst heard there will be a 300+ table dinner coming up soon. Just get the cheques ready ladies and gentlemen.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Gerakan AGM 2007

Issues of grave concern to be discussed in Gerakan AGM
Giam Say Khoon
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 4, 2007): Gerakan's three-day National Delegates Conference (NDC) which starts tomorrow will see about 1,800 members raising issues of concern that could affect the performance of the party in the next general elections.

However, the issues will be tackled subtly in the guise of explaining and promoting the Rukun Negara, Federal Constitution, Vision 2020 and the National Mission - all contentious topics that can be sensitive to some, if not all.

The absence of former party president Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik will also be gossiped on the sidelines. Lim is recovering in hospital from prostate surgery.

Acting party president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon told a pre-NDC media briefing yesterday that he would be leading the delegates to recite the Rukun Negara - a first for the Gerakan's annual conference.

He said a 40-page booklet, published in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese and Tamil, highlighting the spirit,principles, framework and programmes contained in the four national documents - the Rukun Negara, Federal Constitution, Vision 2020 and the National Mission - will be given to the delegates for distribution.

The party has printed 6,000 copies for each language.

Koh said he believed the documents have and will continue to provide the foundation for nationhood, nation-building and problem-solving in a plural society.

When asked whether Gerakan would be seen as confrontational as MCA Youth's Federal Constitution-waving and Umno Youth's keris-waving stunts, Koh said:

"We do not want to raise the Constitution (like what MCA Youth did in its annual general meeting in August) in response to the raising of the keris or Malay dagger (at the Umno Youth AGM last year).

"We are not confining ourselves to the Constitution. We feel that Rukun Negara is a very eloquent elaboration of the Constitution. We have included the four documents in our booklet to serve as a reference."

Asked whether he would be announcing to the delegates his decision on whether to remain in Penang or move to federal in the next general elections, Koh said: "That will come before the next general elections. I'm still looking for the inspiration to decide."

Koh also said the allocation of seats and candidates would not be discussed at the NDC.

"Gerakan won 10 out of 12 parliamentary seats and 30 out of 31 state seats it contested in the last general elections. I do not expect a change in the number of seats to be contested by the party," he added.

However, Koh said there is a possibility the party would be switching constituencies with Barisan National component parties and feature one to four new faces.

Asked whether the delegates would be discussing strategies to reduce a swing in the Chinese votes to the Opposition, Koh said: "I will answer that after the NDC."

On the resignation of a party veteran Lai Fook Kong in Penang, Koh said: "We are saddened by his resignation but we respect his views. I do not want to criticise anyone, including the opposition. No one is perfect, if he thinks I am not doing good enough, I will work harder to be better."

Lai had on Wednesday announced his resignation from the party, saying that he was disappointed with Koh for failing to contribute enough as the state chief minister.

Koh said: "He resigned because of personal reasons."

Updated: 07:15PM Thu, 04 Oct 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Johor had their SDC on the 23rd in Batu Pahat recently. It was held at the Garden Hotel with a CC meeting on the 22nd in Kulai. That means there was an unsually large entourage of guest this time around. Kulai Division took the opportunity to hold a 200 tables out door dinner in Kelapa Sawit on the night of the 22nd. By all accounts it was considered a success.

Before the conference, there was much noise from the JB division proposing to launch a vote of no confidence on the present chairman at the conference. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and Tan Sri was able to cool down the temperature of rhetoric. However, during the meeting MP from Simpang Renggam, Datuk Kerk, took pot shots at the current leadership for not doing more for the chinese education considering its origins.

Which of course bring us to the "Anwar argument." Such tirades has been issued often enough by our former DPM against the previous goverment leadership and also the present one. The question that begs answering is what was he doing when he was in the leadership? It is difficult to fault something you are a part of. With one finger pointing at others, there are three pointing back at you. Unless you are totally out of the loop while you are in goverment, you can't absolved yourself from the taint of association. And if you are out of the loop, a bigger question begs an answer, WHY?

NDC is around the corner, on the 6th and 7th October. This year NDC is to be focused on the Rukun Negara. Being a non-racial party, Gerakan supports the universality of the Rukun Negara because it provides and protects all and discriminate none. We should uphold the law as envisioned by our forefathers. But I think the major problem with the goverment now is that nobody gets sacked. If we can get this into the goverment, I believe all major problems could be solved.

The leadership is so scared to thread on this sensitive issue that they even suggested VSS for problem employees. Is it because the goverment is too big and we need their votes? Or is it we think we can not do without the machinery that runs the goverment, even though the machinery is rusted to the core and needs a major overhaul. Something should be done and the first thing is to sack somebody. That would put fear into the bellies of the so called servants of the goverment and bring down those little Napoleons to earth.