Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pulai Division Speaks Out

Pulai Division headed by Saudara Hoe Hong Seng showed their displeasure with the selection process for the post of Ahli Majlis MBJBT. They are incensed that their candidate, Sdr Hoe, was overlooked in favour of a less experienced candidate. They were also not happy that the seat vacated by Sdr Koh Kian Siang of Pulai Division has been replaced by a candidate from Gelang Patah division. The lost seat has been a blow to the division which now has no government representative. Sdr Ho has called out for more transparency in the selection process to ensure the best candidate is chosen. He feels let down by the state leadership, promising a mountain and delivering more promises. We need to address the real issue here. The posts as always have been used as a bargaining chip. If you have a chip to exchange then the post is yours. This is Gerakan politics.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nizar is MB

Well, all the fuss was about nothing. The court has decided. Nizar is the MB. But for how long? He will want to have new elections because if he goes for the assembly, he will be voted out. So the ball is in the Sultan's court. Maybe it is for the best. I am proud that BN did not riot nor demonstrate when they had to give back the seat of power. Let see PR do that the next time instead of boosting sales of T shirts every time they do not agree. I think people is getting tired of the antics of these people. That is why only a few hundreds show up in Ipoh on May 7. People can see self interest at work from miles away. In any case, Perak is still not done. If an election comes along, the results may not be as expected. I have a feeling the people will surprise us.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Najib is right

Najib was right when he said that the change in govt in Perak did not contravene the constitution. The ADUNs have the right to change party and they exercised that right. When PR lost the majority, they have to make way for the new majority to form a govt. They cannot insist on a re election just because they have lost the majority. It is the PR's govt obstinacy which has brought the Perak govt to the state it is today. Their refusal to hand over the seat of govt peacefully has made it a ruckus and a big mess. But it has also shown what kind of leaders they are. Leaders who bully women, throw stuffs, climb onto tables and chairs and people who do not know when to quit. The Speaker Sivakumar has obviously exceeded his authority. The speakers role in the Dewan was to ensure sobriety and order but he has made the position an even more powerful position than the MB. The tail wagging the dog? Definitely, when he can sack whoever he likes. PR should just admit defeat and wait for their chance again in a few years.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Poh Thong

Happy birthday to Poh Thong. May the cake fulfill your wishes in your day of birth. The party was held in Power Station with friends from all over.

Perak debacle

Seems like the Perak debacle will be solved today. Well, at least for now or until the legal complications are resolved. Which would mean, not until the next election. Haha.

Lets examine what happened. The debacle started when three PR assemblymen/women decided they do not want to be under PR anymore and decided to jump to the other side. When the PR leaders realised they could lose the seat of govt, three letters of resignation was faxed to the Speaker. Without veryfying the authenticity of the letters with the signatories, the speaker declared the assemblymen and women as resigned. Fortunately the Election Commision was not so stupid and checked with the ADUNs. Lo and behold, the letters were presigned and legally invalid, therefore making the resignation non grata. With the ADUNs pledging their alliance with BN, the pendulum has now swung. Unfortunatelly the leadership of PR is still insisting that the resignation is valid and it is they who hold the power of govt. With the help of an obstinate Speaker, PR has manage to drag the matter till today. The showdown was held and the Speaker kicked out. Maybe it is the end or the beginning of the new chapter in the Story of Govt of Perak.