Saturday, December 20, 2008

State loses face, Central takes over.

The recent ahli majlis selection process has seen an extention of Central's power play as never before. They have unilaterally called for a second interview for candidates from Mersing. This was a result of intensive lobbying from one of the rejected candidates. Dr Chin and Sec-Gen Teng will be in JB on Friday to interview the candidates again. Apart from that, several state decisions have been reversed, even to the point of extending the normally understood term limit of three. So white can be black and black can be white. It is not what you see is the truth but what I tell you to see is the truth. God help Gerakan.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Looking for Obama in Malaysia

Yup, Obama won and quite handsomely too. McCain was gracious in defeat, conceding early and promising to work together with the new administration. Our own opposition can learn a thing or two from them on How to Lose 101. They fought hard and sometimes rough. More than a billion dollars was spent on the election. But the money there was all to see. TV ads, billboards, even internet ads. And most of the money, at least on the Obama side, was from small contributions. It shows that every person do matter and can make a difference. The question here in Malaysia is, do we have an Obama here. Someone who will unite us, black or white ( bumi and non-bumi ), inspire us and lead us to a better world. This old one is leaking here and there, and needs too much maintenance. Might not survive in 22nd century. We need change too. Change in thinking. Change in doing things. And most of all, more pocket Change.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Skudai's Predicament

In Gelang Patah's division meeting last night, a new secretary was elected. Sdr Teo Chu Giap from Lima Kedai replaced Sdr Ting Pang Seng of Taman Universiti. Will we see a new Ahli Majlis representing Gelang Patah this year? Hopefully we can get a candidate that will be able to shoulder the responsibility of winning back the Skudai state seat. Whatever happened to the JPMM post anyway? Last I heard Sdr Koo Shiaw Lee was proposed for the job. However, in the meeting last night, opposition came from Sdr Steven Ou, who at first proposed Sdr Khoo Kong Ek and then later himself for the post.

Well, whoever is chosen will have to work hard to win back Skudai state seat. He or she will have to organised a team to service the area, launch projects to gain goodwill from the population and basically go against the seemingly impossible task of unseating Dr Boo. Good luck to whoever gets the job.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pulai Division Installation Dinner

Pulai Division had their installation dinner at Jia Ping Restaurant, T.U.T.A. tonight. The event was formally opened by Dato Teo Kok Chee, Pengerusi Gerakan Negeri Johor. The 50 table event had the usual karaoke event and speeches. Pulai Division is headed by Sdr Hoe Hong Seng

Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to get things done and not be jailed under ISA.

Pasir Gudang division head, Dr Ker Ching Sheng, showed us how a very sensitive case like a loud volumed speaker at a mosque could be handled. The mosque in Johor Jaya recently upgraded their sound system which has been a discomfort to many Johor Jaya residents. The residents brought this to their ADUN but to no avail. The opposition Keadilan passed it around like a hot potato starting with Tian Chua down to the head of division. In the end, Dr Ker's help was sought. He was apprehensive at first because this type of issue can be blown out of proportion and ended up like Theresa Kok. Anyway with advise from the secretary of division, Sdr Koo Shiaw Lee, Dr Ker met with the mosque Iman and explained the predicament. He offered to upgrade the mosque's minaret as a gesture of goodwill by getting the community to chip in. The Iman was so touched he immediatelly adjusted the sound system and all is well again. It goes to show that talking to each other is still the best way of solving these problems.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rules are rules

Sunday was the first meeting of the state Pemuda liaison commitee. In a pincer crab movement, Pasir Gudang and Sri Gading questioned the appointment of an AJK without prior approval from CWC. Saudara Steven Au was appointed AJK to take up a CC national position, however in their haste, the state leadership has not made an application to the CWC. Well, rules are rules. There should not be any short cut, no matter who you are. In an unrelated matter, Treasurer Liang Chi publicly questioned former Ketua Pemuda and present Adviser Sdr Koh Kian Siang about the cash in the bank. He wants to know why there is a drastic reduction in the last moment of the previous administration. A suggestion has been brought forward to visit the Parliament this year. YB Liang has promised to make arrangement. New Ketua Pemuda Saudara Yap Cheng Heng declared that the priority for the first half of the year will be recruitment and training. Sdr Kian Hwa from Gelang Patah has been appointed as the coordinator for the recruitment drive.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unscientific experiment

A friend called up JB Sin Chew office and asked for Dr Boo's( DAP Skudai ADUN) handphone number. The person from Sin Chew was very defensive and did not want to reveal Dr Boo's number. She said Dr Boo is a very busy person, serving the community and working in his clinic. She added that we should not disturb him. Wow! The vernacular press is really in love with their leaders from DAP. They are also very protective of them even when negative news arises. The DAP leaders are never taken to task for any boo-boos. Nanyang were more accomodating, giving the number without any fuss.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What holds the shoe together

A secret agent had problems with his latest high tech shoe issued by Q, the technical expert in charge of equipment. So what is the problem,doc asked the agent. It keeps coming off when I run. Hmmmm, Q replied, it seems to be matter of the quantum of shoelace.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The most expensive curry chicken mee

Today I almost had a heart attack before I ate a cholesterol laden curry chicken mee. It was at Ka Poh noodle house at Dedap, near the Pan Mian shop. I ordered the large curry chicken noodle with chopped chicken. I told them to hold the roast pork and prawns because I did not want the curry chicken noodle to be contaminated with alien stuff. It came in a large bowl. Well, the bowl was large, content was adequate. Then I paid the girl with a ten ringgit note. The girl stood there waiting. Funny, I thought it would be enough, so I asked her. Sebelas ringgit she said. Wow! I haven't eaten but i choked anyway. Ten for noodles and one for the kopi o. Why so expensive? Peha, tuan. I am going to buy Ayamas stock after this, I thought as I savored the most expensive chicken curry noodle ever.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

BN direct membership- will it work?

Pak Lah was thinking aloud when he mentioned direct membership in BN. Apart from Gerakan I don't see any support from any other party for it. Sdr Mah Siew Keong has been peddling this idea for some time but as soon as it came out from Pak Lah's mouth, Shabery from UMNO shot it down as an UMNO killer. Imagine this, if BN was to recruit directly then it would logical for its members to be eligible for Prime Ministership. Now, this and the deputy PM's post have always been UMNO's and if a non-malay under BN membership were allowed to be even deputy PM, that will be the end of UMNO. The reason many Malays join UMNO is because of its historical link with power and privileges. With the loss of 5 states recently, UMNO is not seen as invincible after all and no longer guarantees access to the seat of power. It is getting complicated and more so as time goes by. To change or to remain the same. Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The aftermath of NDC 2008

In the aftermath of NDC 2008, a well worn story of lies, betrayal and hatred lays in its wake. The saga of Paul Yong's betrayal was played out in full view of the youth delegates. NS ex ketua pemuda thought he was in the money, as the saying goes. He was in the same team as the anointed leader of the youth, sdr Lim Si Pin and a bunch of his people was in the dream team as well. As the results rolled out that day, a slow realisation dawned on him as heads rolled one by one. His people was going by the wayside faster that a kangaroo in heat. When his name was announced as the best loser in the timbalan ketua pemuda category, he knew that he was betrayed. Betrayed by the very same person he has supported and partnered all the while. The knife was still sticking to his back as he made his way out from the dewan. He feels hurt but also anger. Probably angry for being so stupid and greedy enough that he lost sight of the game at hand. This is politics. Betrayal was always on the menu.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Si Pin won but at a price

Sdr Lim Si Pin won the Ketua Pemuda Gerakan post easily. However the team has to sacrifice a "queen" for the victory. Sdr Paul Yong lost the Timbalan Ketua Pemuda post to Sdr Oh Tong Keong who is in the same team as Sdr Chai Tek Loong. In any event, Naib Ketua Pemudas was a mixed group. Sdr Liang Teck Meng, Sdr Vincent Hooi Wy Hon and Sdr David Ang came in ahead of Sdr S.Vijaya Kumar and Sdr Stephen Doss.

One surprising result is the rejection of the non-chinese candidates at the Naib Ketua Pemuda level. I am sure the leadership must be scratching their head over this development when they are trying to promote multi racialism in the party. Sdr Dr Teng Hock Nan even withdrew from the VP race for this reason. Maybe the youth needs more time to accept multi racialism or are we just practicing meritocracy. Either by multiracialism or by meritocracy, we need to get more people from non chinese races to join Gerakan. The party needs to reflect the nation's aspirations and sadly, color, before we can say we are the Party for Malaysians.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


D-day starts tomorrow. As the delegates make their way to the impressive Gerakan building from all over the country to select our future leaders, one thing will definitely be on our collective minds. What direction will Gerakan take after this? We are at an important juncture in the history of the party. In our hands, we have the power to choose the party's destiny. Are we going to be what we said we are, a non racial approach to justice and equality or are we going to play the zero sum game of ''them and us''? Can Gerakan members rise to its initial vision forged in the idealistic 60s or are we one with Borg and there is just no escape. Move It believe that if we stick to our original principles and voted in good honest hardworking people who believe in the Gerakan way, we can do no wrong. We have a choice. Change or Perish.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Meeting Lim Si Pin

Met Sdr Lim last night at Bamboo Garden Seafood restaurant. He spoke well, in mandarin no less but did not elaborate on any issues. It is a safe speech. Paul Yong on the other hand sounded apologetic for the involvement of fellow Negeri gerakan member Chai Tek Loong in the Ketua Pemuda race. There was no need to explain why somebody else is a candidate. After all Gerakan practises democracy, any one can offer themselves for any post. There is no need to be selected or pre approved. The food was good but the order of delivery a bit strange. The rice came in the middle of the course. Wondered who paid?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sdr Lim Si Pin will be in town tomorrow.

Sdr Lim Si Pin aka Ketua Pemuda Candidate will be in town tomorrow to meet all the division leaders and delegates. The meeting will be held in Pelangi somewhere at 730pm. I hope to attend. It will be an opportunity to listen to what he had to say. Anyway most of the Johor leadership is already in his camp. Sdr Liang Teck Meng is already competing for VP under his banner. So is Sdr Yap Cheng Heng, for the AJK post. In any case, two is not enough. Johor has the most represetatives in the delegates count and also in government representation. By right, Johor should be leading the charge and not be mere followers. At the least, one of our YBs should be competing for the deputy or even the Ketua post. Unless of course, they think they just don't have the head to fit the hat. I say, nothing ventured nothing gained. Let the games begin.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Why people quit their jobs?

Auntie has called Koo up and asked him to reconsider his decision to quit. In actual fact, the decision has been difficult for Koo. The straw that broke the camel's back was the incident with the three ladies from Kulai. He did not expect people that he had helped and was on friendly terms with would stab him in the back. There was also the betrayal of his boss in the youth election. A boss that is willing to sell out his most loyal supporters for an extra 50 votes he does not need, will one day sell Koo out too. And at that time Koo might not have a lucrative job offer waiting for him. Koo cannot afford to be without a job, even for month. The boss should understand that this is not personal, just good common sense. The Boss' conduct did not encourage the confidence that his people will be taken care off. His supporters are just bargaining chips to be used at appropriate times to gain advantage over the opponents. Understandable but not a right conduct in our Liu Bei's mind. This kind of leadership is morally wrong.PERIOD

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sdr Chai Tek Loong- the maverick Ketua Pemuda Nasional candidate

Met Sdr Chai Tek Loong today near Goodhope Hotel. He was doing his rounds of the various states to gather support for his bid to be the Ketua Pemuda Nasional against Sdr Lim Si Pin. It will be an uphill battle against the present Deputy. In fact most of Johor reps have already move in behind Sdr Lim this time. There is even a bus to take delegates up this time. Sdr Chai even got us to sign the nomination forms for him. He was also willing to submit our nomination forms for Johnson and me. Looks like Move It will be on the ballot again.

The state executive secretary and Central Liaison Officer quits.

Sdr Koo Shiaw Lee quits his post as the state executive secretary and CLO on Tuesday in a letter to the state secretary, Sdr Cheong Chin Liang. He has decided to quit working for the party to concentrate on his career. He will pick up his career as a HR executive in a well known local bakery cum bistro.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dr Teng told them to bugger off

I am beginning to have new found respect for Dr Teng. In a statement, he told both MCA and UMNO to basically bugger off and mind their own business. Whether our members wants to be in or out of BN is our own business. Bravo Dr Teng!! That is right. It is our right to choose. Not even the president of Gerakan can tell us what we want. We still have democracy in this party.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Letter Of Reminder

Lai Kee Kong (F0069411)
D0706 Sri Wangi Apt
Taman Tampoi Indah
81200 Johor Bahru

Jawatankuasa Penyelian Pemilihan Nasional
Pemuda Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia
Level 5 Menara PGRM
8 Jalan Pudu Ulu
56100 Kuala Lumpur 26 September 2008

Per: 1. Surat Peringatan
2. Bantahan Terhadap Pemilihan Pemuda Gerakan Johor yang di adakan pada 14 September 2008.
Merujuk kepada perkara di atas dan juga surat kami bertarikh 17 September 2008, kami ingin mengingatkan pihak saudara bahawa kami masih menunggu surat balas pihak saudara mengenai perkara tersebut.
Kami ingin memberitahu pihak saudara bahawa bantahan kami berasaskan kepada senarai perwakilan pemuda yang digunakan untuk pemeriksaan dan pendaftaran adalah berlainan dengan yang digunakan untuk mengundi. Selain daripada itu, terdapat beberapa masalah teknikal dengan cara Persidangan Perwakilan dan juga Pemilihan dijalankan.
Kami kesal dengan tindakbalas pihak saudara kepada perkara yang amat runcing ini kerana Perwakilan Pemuda Nasional akan di adakan tidak lama lagi dan perkara ini perlu di selesaikan sebelum itu. Implikasi sesebuah Pemilihan negeri yang tidak sah adalah besar dan berkemungkinan tinggi boleh menjejaskan Pemilihan peringkat nasional.
Kami harap pihak saudara boleh memberi perhatian segera kepada bantahan kami sebelum kami membuat bantahan resmi menerusi Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Yang benar,

Lai Kee Kong

Sk Saudara Mah Siew Keong
Saudara Ho Saw Hoo
Saudara Dr Koh Tsu Koon
Saudara Dr Chin Fook Weng

Letter of Protest to NESC Pemuda

Lai Kee Kong (F0069411)
D0706 Sri Wangi Apt
Taman Tampoi Indah
81200 Johor Bahru

Jawatankuasa Penyelian Pemilihan Nasional
Pemuda Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia
Level 5 Menara PGRM
8 Jalan Pudu Ulu
56100 Kuala Lumpur 17 September 2008

Per: Bantahan Terhadap Pemilihan Pemuda Gerakan Johor yang di adakan pada 14 September 2008.

Merujuk kepada perkara di atas, kami ingin membuat bantahan terhadap Pemilihan dan juga Persidangan Perwakilan Pemuda Gerakan Negeri Johor yang telah diadakan pada 14 September 2008.
Bantahan ini berteraskan perkara-perkara berikut:
1. Senarai nama perwakilan diragui.

Senarai nama perwakilan yang digunakan untuk persidangan dan pemilihan adalah berlainan. Senarai nama perwakilan pada hari pencalonan dan juga yang disemak oleh kami adalah bercanggah dengan yang digunakan untuk pemilihan.

Terdapat seorang wakil yang dibenarkan mendaftar untuk persidangan tetapi tidak dibenarkan untuk membuat pemilihan kerana namanya tidak tersenarai.

Pada hari pencalonan Sdr Ramon Yeo dari Bahagian Pasir Gudang telah ditolak pencalonan beliau diatas sebab penyokong yang bukan wakil. Setelah membuat semakkan, kami dapati penyokong tersebut adalah seorang Ketua Bahagian dan dengan tersendirinya adalah seorang wakil. ( Peraturan Pemilihan Pemuda PGRM 2008 3.2(b))

Ini menunjukkan senarai nama perwakilan di hari pencalonan dan juga yang disemak oleh kami adalah tidak tepat dan berkemungkinan mempunyai kesalahan-kesalahan lain yang lebih besar. Sdr Ramon Yeo juga telah kehilangan peluang untuk bertanding diatas kesilapan ini.

2. Persidangan and Pemilihan yang tidak mengikut peraturan

Persidangan dan Pemilihan Pemuda Gerakan Johor tidak mengikut peraturan yang ditetapkan. Pengerusi majlis dan agen pemilihan tidak dipilih sebelum pemilihan dijalankan. Pihak penyelia membuat keputusan bahawa penyelia-penyelia dari nasional di pilih sebagai agen pemilihan. Ini bercanggahkan dengan Peraturan Pemilihan Pemuda PGRM 2008 7.0(b) yang mengatakan agen pemilihan perlulah seorang yang layak mengundi pada persidangan Perwakilan tersebut. Pihak kami telah menghantar sekeping faks untuk melantik seorang agen pemilihan 24 jam sebelum pemilihan kepada pihak penyelia.

Perlantikkan Pengerusi majlis juga dicurigai kerana Sdr Hew Chin yang dilantik bukanlah seorang wakil ke Persidangan Perwakilan tersebut. Perlantikkan pengerusi majlis juga telah diadakan setelah pemilihan di jalankan. Ini bercanggah dengan peraturan dan juga agenda yang ditetapkan.

Keadaan kucar kacir dan huru hara di dewan pemilhan juga menyebabkan beberapa perwakilan tidak membuang undi. Pengurusan pemilihan tidak berjalan dengan lancar dan telah mengugatkan prisip demokrasi parti.

Salah seorang daripada pegawai pemilihan mempunyai kepentingan yang diragui dimana suami beliau diketahui umum menyebelahi salah sebuah pihak yang bertanding. Ketelusan pemilihan terjejas dengan kehadiran dan penglibatan pegawai pemilihan ini.

3. Lain-lain perkara berkaitan

Pada hari pencalonan, Sdr Koh Kian Siang dan juga Sdr Hew Chin telah menjadi penyelia. Mereka berdua adalah Ahli Jawatankuasa Pemuda Gerakan Johor dan mempunyai kepentingan yang diragui. Sepatutnya Jawatankuasa Penyeliaan Pemilihan Nasional menghantar seorang penyelia yang tiada kepentingan untuk menyelia pencalonan pada hari tersebut. Dengan adanya dua orang penyelia yang berkepentingan di dalam Pemuda Gerakan Johor, ketelusan dan keadilan proses tersebut adalah terjejas terutamanya kepada Sdr Ramon Yeo.

Dengan ini, kami meminta Jawatankuasa Penyelian Pemilihan Nasional membuat penyiasatan terperinci dan telus untuk membaikpulihkan keadaan yang kini menurut perlembagaan adalah tidak sah terutama dengan wujudnya dua senarai nama perwakilan ditandatangani oleh Sdr Ho Saw Hoo yang telah digunakan pada pemilihan kali ini. Perkara ini perlu diselesaikan dengan segera supaya Pemilihan Pemuda Nasional tidak terjejas pada bulan Oktober kelak.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Yang benar,

Lai Kee Kong

Sk Saudara Mah Siew Keong
Saudara Hoo Saw Ho
Saudara Dr Koh Tsu Koon

Chinese Version of Mar Chon Hang letter





我并不认同您在2008年州民青团代表大会上所讲的 潜水艇论 ,您说很多州代表在平时不出来活动,可是在改选时却出来竞选高职。据我所知,您本身在这两届所领导的州团里最能配合您的也是这些所谓的潜水艇论的人。“做人要将心比心”,正所谓“无功也有劳”,您不能因个人利益而语无伦次的抹杀这些人几年来的功劳。







( 马遵汉 ) 启


EGM to decide BN membership

As a founding member of Barisan Nasional, it is understandable why we find it difficult to tear away from BN. The leaders are suggesting an EGM to discuss and decide on the issue. The reason given why the issue will not be decided at the NDC is because other issues ie. election are already on the table. Well, as long as we are going to do something about it, then it is fine. No point ignoring the pink elephant in the room.

Hell has no fury as a brother spurned.

Sdr Mah Chon Hang from Sri Gading has written an open letter to former Ketua Pemuda Johor, Sdr Koh Kian Sian. In it he pours out his grievances on the allegations stated by Sdr Koh at the Persidangan Perwakilan Pemuda recently. Sdr Koh alleges that certain people are like submarines who only surface during elections for higher post. Sdr Mah lamented the selective memory that the former Ketua Pemuda seems to be afflicted with during the election. He also thanked Sdr Koh for the lesson in politics.

To: Former Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Johor Sdr Koh Kian Siang

The Submarine Allegation

First of all, congratulations to you having completed two terms as Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Johor. Congratulations too on your appointment as the new Pemuda Gerakan Johor Advisor.

I disagree with what you said in your speech at the Persidangan Perwakilan Pemuda Negeri Johor 2008 the other day. In your speech, you mentioned that many Pemuda members do not come out and participate in activities but only surface during election period to go for higher posts. According to what I know, those who you allegedly accused as submariners are those who helped you the most and the most cooperative during your two terms tenure. You have to ask yourself truthfully if these allegations are valid. These people have given you their blood, sweat and tears. You should not discount their hard work and contributions for your own personal and political advantage.

You have to look into your heart and asked who are the people who ferried you here and there and around Johor and beyond for functions and other activities? Who are the people who lend out their helping hand when you have no one to turn to for help? Who are the people who outlined your speeches for multi racial functions? Who are the people who drove and accompanied you to a couple of 2008 Pemuda branch elections all around Johor? Who are the people who stood in to help supervise the 2008 Pemuda Gelang Patah election when a youth leader could not carry out his responsibilities? Who are the people who helped you to liaise with the Yunnan Xi Shuan Ban Na dance troupe and made the most successful and the only event that the Pemuda Johor has ever organized? Who are the people who travelled to Teluk Intan with you for the 2007 Chinese New Year Open House organized by Sdr Mah Siew Keong? Who are the people who you can always count on, pour your sorrows and discussed your troubles with? Who are the people who represented Pemuda Johor and attended the Persidangan Perwakilan Negeri Kelantan with you?

You commented that the party can only progress if there is competition and we should rate leaders by their performance, leadership and services. However, you did not practice what you have lectured. You are not true to your word as you have shown favourtism and you only arrange for your favourite candidates to take the centre stage and ostracized those who disobeyed your paternalistic arrangement. You should know that election is all about democracy. Any qualified delegate is eligible to take part.

As I recalled, there is no show-of-hand during the last state youth committee meeting. No candidates are unanimously crowned as the “state youth recommended candidates”. Your disciples didn’t get my vote and my blessing. Mine and many others. One committee member was about to speak his piece but he was rudely interrupted by our previous state youth secretary. This kind of behavior obstructs democracy and shows your autocratic tendencies.

You keep on stressing that there are only two known candidates for the Ketua Pemuda election even though we have told you repeatedly that there will be a third candidate. The candidate himself has informed his intention to compete in the election to you, but you turned a deaf ear as if you have contracted selective amnesia. We told you three months before the election and you are in denial for three months.

I have did Pemuda Johor no wrong. As a matter of fact, I have given my fair share to the party. Do I deserve a leader like you? Is it worth it??? Thanks for the painstaking lesson in enlightening me on what really is politics. Thank you.

Satu Hati – as long as we follow your Hati. Now I get it.

Yours faithfully,

Mar Chon Hang

Cc Sdr Mah Siew Keong
Sdr Ho Saw Hoo
Ahli Jawatankuasa Pemuda Nasional Gerakan
Sdr Dr Koh Tsu Koon
Sdr Chia Kwan Chye
Sdr Teo Kok Chee
Ahli Jawatankuasa Pemuda Negeri Johor

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pemuda NESC still working?

Almost a week ago Move It sent a letter of protest to the Pemuda NESC. It was mainly about the existence of two voting lists used in the state election. Until today, there has been no response from the Pemuda NESC. No acknowledgement whether by fax, email, telephone nor snail mail. This is highly disturbing considering what implications the matter can bring. The national conference is about two weeks away and we still have no news about it. What is happening up there? Is anybody home?

Update: received letter for Pemuda NDC today, phew!!! JIT

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gerakan next move

NDC is next month, 10 October. Most members are thinking sayonara to BN. The leaders is still thinking 'wait and see'. Conversations with the leaders revealed that they are waiting for reforms in UMNO. They believed that there are people in UMNO who wants reform and will change BN into a workable party. The question now is, how many of us believe this could be true. Frankly, we could not see the any changes that will be implemented by the reformist in UMNO. It will business as usual and Gerakan will still be saddled with a chain around its neck, unable to face its constituency of the non racialist for just and equitable society. The problem here is timing. The question is not if but when.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Problem in Pemuda Nasional

It is now 19 September 2008, exactly 21 days before the National Delegates Conference. I wonder if the Pemuda has issued the notice as required by the Constitution. No one has received the notice to date.

The ex Ketua Pemuda Negeri Johor went around looking for division heads to confirm the name list for the attendees because he claimed they need to make hotel arrangement. I wonder what is the present Ketua Pemuda Negeri doing about this matter since the ex Ketua Pemuda is no longer a pemuda and should not be involved in its matters. The Ketua Pemuda Negeri better buck up lest be accused of being a submarine. Or worse, a puppet.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Letter of protest

Sent a letter of protest to HQ yesterday. The main point of contention was existence of two separate voting lists. One was used for nomination, registration and checking, and another for voting. It is a serious transgression and the HQ should viewed it as so. I hope they don't try to sweep it under the carpet but instead face it head on and take whatever steps necessary to rectify the matter. We don't want the matter to be taken to the next level. We do hope a solution will be found for this serious infringement of democratic right. Actually there were many serious mistakes in the Pemuda Election the other day but most serious of all is not technical nor procedural but moral. The previous Ketua Pemuda claimed that we are a bunch of submarines who surfaces only during elections. That statement really hurt many people in our team who has sacrificed their time and money during his tenure. He seemed to have forgotten the people that drove him around the state, help him with his speeches and attended his functions. Sad.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why did the ex-Ketua Pemuda say such things?

Koh Kian Siang said we did not did not deserve to win because we did not participate in youth activities and did not come to meetings. Although I must admit I did not often go to meetings because I was working, the point of the matter is 'what was achieved in all those meetings.' The only activity by the youth in 2007 was the Semtek courses for SPM students apart from meetings and attending functions. Technically they are not activities because the youth have no part in organising them. Let's not kid ourselves. The previous youth head did not do his job as evidenced by the chaotic and ridiculous sharing of meeting venue with Wanita. The election was contested under shameful and laughable conditions. We hope we do not have to endure the same conditions again next year. But that would be easy, the post set is so low. It will be a cinch.

Now what?

The state election is over, now what? We sort of miss the frenzy we endured the last couple of weeks together. There is a sense of restlessness after an invigorating battle. We were trounced alright but it was more because of an act of betrayal rather than lack of effort. We will have to reorganised and focus our effort to help Gerakan in other ways. Dr Ker just came back from a meeting with the MB. Basically the MB told us to go f@?k ourselves. We were never considered for any ahli majlis post in Pasir Gudang. He even challenge us to withdraw from BN. Looks like this is the end of road for Gerakan in Johor. Wonder which side Gerakan will be in the next general election, BN, PR or ours?

Monday, September 15, 2008

We lost

We lost the election. Everyone lost except Er Kok Liang who was on both tickets. The massive swing in votes was mostly due to bounced pledges by Segamat and Muar-Bakri divisions. Controlled by the Boss, the delegates did not show up. It was an arrangement with certain people to ensure he wins big for the chairman post. This betrayal was a slap in our face and taught us a valuable lesson. There were also inconsistencies in the voting list. Hanky panky is suspected when a delegate was not allowed to vote even though he was on the state's copy of the voting list. The team is now tired and disappointed but we will not go away just like that. The team has grown and will grow further with time. It will a team of the committed and the believers of truth and the Gerakan philosophy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Election day

Me and Eric

Dr Koh in Skudai

Dr Koh, Dato Teo Kok Chee and Dato Chang Ko Youn eating supper at Restoran Segar Segar in Skudai.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Campaign Trail

We have completed the Johor Gerakan Youth circuit. We met many leaders and most have pledged support. Tomorrow we will know if those pledges can be cashed in. I hope none of the pledges bounce. If the pledges do bounce, we will know who to blame. That is politics. There are no permanent enemies nor friends. Just a common interest. To win at all cost. Which of course reminds me of the movie ''Stormriders''. Those familar with the story line will know what I mean. ''Stormriders 2'' is coming up. Wonder how it ends?

ISA arrests could be the tipping point?

Recent ISA arrests could be the tipping point for Anwar. Even though Move It os against any undemocratic process of taking power, the sentiment has shifted after the BN govt gave up on winning over hearts and minds and decided on incarcerating them instead. It is the biggest mistake BN could make. If the course of action taken by BN continues in this vein, Gerakan will have no choice but seriously rethink our role in BN. Gerakan has not condone the use of ISA against anyone because we believe existing laws are more than enough to deal with the situation. Is this where history will point out as the tipping point? Time will tell.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Batu Pahat Campaign

The team minus two at Batu Pahat.

Batu Pahat campaign

With Batu Pahat leaders at Carrefour.

On the campaign trail

Politics in its meaning is the struggle or distribution of power. However, in this few days on the campaign trail, I have found that it is also about building relationships and connecting with people. Meeting youth delegates, branch leaders and division heads have made me realised that we have much in common apart from being a member of Parti Gerakan. Over a cup of tea or coffee, we could talk about issues affecting our country, party and even a little of gossip on party members as well. Being in the same party gives us instant connection even though he might be a 30 years veteran who in agriculture. The Ahmad Ismail issue matter just as much to us as to them. Above all is the issue of where Gerakan will be heading. Everyone wants to know and the leaders better have some answers come October's NDC.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Politicians are on holiday

The events in Penang this past week has been disturbing to say the least. We have a politician without any government position stoking the fire of racialism with every other sentence uttered. And we have a PM which is incensed but paralyzed with electoral calculations. And then we have the Chinese, who must be boiling with rage, as expected, considering the provocation by the provocateur.

Is this a trap? A trap to stir up the hornet's nest and make life miserable for the rest of us. We should all be vigilant and not take the bait to chaos and anarchy.

Of course, to spice it all up, Anwar has offered us the poison apple of 916. If the shift do occur, we are to blame for electing these unprincipled opportunist. It is us who elected these clowns.

This circus has to stop. The country is in an economic crisis and nobody is at the counter. Help!!!!!!

To be outspoken without fear or favor

Gerakan members need to be more outspoken. One of the reason of our loss in the previous election was the perception that Gerakan has not spoken out against the excesses of the government. We must again take the mantle our founding fathers have left us. Speaking out with fear and favor will make us relevant once again.

To promote Gerakan Ideology

We believe in the Gerakan ideology of the non racial approach to justice and equality. We believe it is vital that this universal approach is adopted if Malaysia is to develop further. The Rukunegara should be the backbone of the nation as it reflects the Gerakan Ideology.

To be sensitive and proactive

Gerakan members starting with the youth needs to be more sensitive to the needs and wants of the rakyat. Those in power will have to be clean, efficient and trustworthy as demanded by the rakyat. Those who are not will have to assist leaders in position by bringing problems and shortcomings of the government to the leaders with position.

To educate and motivate

Education is the key to arm the Gerakan youth to face the future. A knowledgeable and politically savvy member will be a great asset to the party. They will be able to respond and face any opponent in the political arena. Motivation goes along with education to provide the desire to succeed. A motivated member will be able to achieve great things. Education should also include lessons on intergrity. Honest politicians should be cultivated and encouraged.

To promote democracy

We believe in elections not selection. Elections are a tool for democracy and should be free and fair. Only with free elections can we choose the leaders we want to lead us.There should not be any unseen hand trying to negotiate a selection. Keen competition is the only way to revitalize the party.

5 reasons why we compete

Over the past couple of months, I have written about why I want to compete. The reasons conceptualized here is now OURS. 1. To promote democracy 2. To educate and motivate 3. To be sensitive and proactive 4. To promote Gerakan ideology 5. To be outspoken without fear or favor

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pictures from the nomination

Ting Pang Seng picking the ping pong balls with gusto

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nomination Day - Johor Gerakan

Nomination for Johor Gerakan was held at the party headquarters in Skudai. As expected, the state chairman post is contested by three candidates. Sdr Dato Teo Kok Chee, Sdr Wong Kau and Sdr Dr Ker Ching Sheng. The wanita chairman post was uncontested and won by Tai Mun from Ledang.

It is a straight contest for the youth post. Lai Kee Kong AKA Move It will be facing Yap Cheng Heng for the Ketua Pemuda post. It is a team fight with each coming out with a team of AJKs, Wakil Nasional Pemuda and also Wakil Nasional. The team for Move It team wll be as follows :

Ketua Pemuda
1. Lai Kee Kong

2. Teo Poh Thong
3. Tan Yang Kuok
4. Jason Lim Hee Kueng
5. Chong Fook Yen
6. Chin Woon Yin
7. Er Kok Liang

Wakil Pemuda Nasional
2. Lee Chong Beng
3. Chiam Kim Hui
4. Er Kok Liang

Wakil Nasional
2. Lok Chee Ching
3. Lim Yak Chai
4. Tan Yang Kuok
5. Er Kok Liang

Pemuda Gerakan Election List

Ketua Pemuda
1. Lai Kee Kong
2. Yap Cheng Heng
1. Yong Meng Chai
2. Teo Poh Thong
3. Tan Yang Kuok
4. Jason Lim Hee Kueng
5. Chong Fook Yen
6. Chin Woon Yin
7. Er Kok Liang
8. Lee Choong Ong
9. Lim Tian Leong
10. Chong Fook Yen
11. Ee Kian Hwa
Wakil Ke Nasional Pemuda
1. Yong Meng Chai
2. Lee Chong Beng
3. Chiam Kim Hui
4. Er Kok Liang
5. Ee Kian Hwa
6. Lim Tian Leong
7. Tan Tian Chun
8. Lee Boon Hong
Wakil ke Nasional
1. Yong Mew Chai
2. Lok Chee Ching
3. Lim Yak Chai
4. Tan Yang Kuok
5. Er Kok Liang
6. Tay Choon Yang
7. Liang Teck Meng
8. Chong Chen Kook

Nomination day 2008

Submitting the forms.

Nomination day 2008

Submitting the forms.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pemuda Election- Gerakan Johor 2008

Elections can bring out the worst in people. In an ideal election, candidates will agree to disagree and slug it out with their vision and ideals and in the end let the delegates to decide. However in this less than ideal world, things are not that simple. Some people with an interest in the outcome will go all out to sling mud at the opposition and as they say, if you sling enough mud, some will stick.

Move It has pledge that we will not stoop so low just to win an election. We wish the delegates to judge us on our merits and make the right choice on election day. We wish to see a clean, honest contest and may the best men win. Whoever wins will have the difficult job of reconciling the pemuda movement back together again to achieve Gerakan's aim of a for a truly Malaysian non-racial approach towards the attainment of a united, secular and socially just Malaysia.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Election or Selection

Election is when the people choose its leader. Selection is when the leader is chosen for the people. In a democracy, leaders are elected to reflect the wishes of the people. The people gets to choose from a buffet of candidates to represent them. The candidates freely offer themselves for election, accepting the fact if they are not chosen, they will accept the decision because the people has spoken. However in a Selection, a cabal of people with special interest will pre select the candidates and discourage competition in favour of 'unity'. This well known ploy is the reason for the collapse in empires and governments all through history. Ferdinand Marcos was famous for holding power by emergency rule, thus limiting people's choice. The communist could not stand more than a century in Russia because of the inbreeding caused by limited choice. In a democracy, we need choice, much like when we go shopping for instant noodles. Although we always come back with Maggi but it is nice to know we could choose from a wide variety of brands like Cintan, Mamee, Koka with different flavours unique to each of the brand. Democracy is about the power to choose.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why vote Move It

We have a team now. A small group of the concerned and committed will be the core. To make sure the team is balanced, representatives from a wide geographical area are invited. It will be a team representative of Johor's pemuda. Last night was a watershed. The expected competitors sat down with us and had a pow wow. In the end, we agree to disagree because we are committed to the cause and could not join their team. But we assured them even if we were not elected, we will still be committed to Gerakan and will still be available to serve. It is now time to think of what we want for the future of Gerakan. Move It promises a committed team to get Gerakan moving again. Be relevant, be true and be committed.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kerk to go for Johor Gerakan chief's post?
KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 25, 2008) : Eight Gerakan divisions in Johor want former national deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Kerk Choo Ting to go for the state chief’s post but Kerk is mum whether he would accept their endorsements.

According to a report in Oriental Daily News today, at a meeting of more than 100 delegates from the eight south Johor divisions in Johor Baru on Saturday night, their representatives spoke of the need for change in Gerakan state leadership to reinvigorate the party so that it will not be marginalised within the Barisan Nasional.

In a unanimous decision, the divisions decided to nominate Kerk to take on incumbent Datuk Teo Kok Chee.

A representative from Simpang Renggam, Tay Kok King, said delegates should vote with their heads and not their hearts if they want to save the party.

He also said to save Gerakan, there must be changes to the party and strengthening of its leadership.

Kulai delegate Ang Ho Tiong said Johor Gerakan needs a leader who can foster better relationship with the mentri besar.

He believed someone who had been a minister, a deputy minister or an MP would make a good candidate.

Another delegate concurred with Ang, saying the present leadership does not enjoy a very cordial relationship with the menteri besar.

News from the battle front.

The Anti Teo Kok Chee faction had their pre nomination dinner at Bamboo restaurant in Pelangi on Saturday night. There were about 6 tables although the China Press mentioned 100 people attended the function. The faction aka The Kulai Gang faction gathered members from 10 divisions for the dinner in support of Sdr Kerk Choo Ting for the state chairman post. There were even 4 representatives from Pasir Gudang division. Surprisingly even potential candidate Sdr Low Kok Guan was there too. Maybe he has thrown in the towel and has decided to be a supporter. A plausible explaination was that he has failed to get the faction's endorsement and realised the futility of the endeavour. Dr Ker was not there but two of his most trusted lieutenants were. Ah Hai and Ah Tey were at the dinner. Was this a spying mission or have they become frogs? Interesting!! Or maybe it is the lure of free food.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Koh Fights Back

NST Online » Columns
'Docile' Koh steals the show
David Yeow

IT seems former Penang chief minister Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon has had enough of the public snipping by his successor Lim Guan Eng.
The usually composed and scholarly-looking, some even say docile, Koh was a changed man when he took to the rostrum in the televised public debate with Lim over land issues in the state.

While both men were equally fluent in Bahasa Malaysia and firmly sold in their beliefs that they were in the right, it was Koh who stole the show.

From the first bell by moderator Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka chairman and New Straits Times columnist Datuk Johan Jaafar, Koh took on a combative attitude and clearly thumped Lim, point after point and even left room to chide Lim's supporters who turned a tad unruly towards the end of the night.

"We are having a gentlemanly debate here, let's behave professionally and be civilised about it," Koh said coolly, immediately silencing a jeering portion of the crowd who were unhappy when he accused Lim of always blaming others while not doing enough himself.
Even online journalist Wan Hamidi Hamid, who was on Lim's side, was taken to task when he suggested in his long question to Koh that the former chief minister was afraid of or covering up for Umno.

"That's not a question, that's an accusation," Koh said steely and the journalist was visibly taken aback.

The debate, titled Kisah Benar Di Sebalik Kontroversi Tanah di Pulau Pinang (The truth behind the land controversy in Penang) and organised by online news portal AgendaDaily, did not reveal anything that has not been reported by newspapers over the past few months.

For much of the 45-minute debate, Lim accused Koh of cover-up, while the latter countered that the former was flogging a dead horse and repeating half truths.

The alleged cover-up involved DAP's discovery that the previous Barisan Nasional state government had alienated a plot of land (initially thought to have belonged to the state government, but later found to be private land) to a quarry operator. The operator has filed a claim for RM40 million which the previous state government is challenging in court.

Lim repeatedly questioned Koh and his government over the lack of stern action against the culprit responsible for the "loss", except to give a warning letter to the Land Office staff.

Lim even insinuated that the reason Koh made little mention of the case until he brought up the issue was because certain Umno politicians were involved in the wheeling and dealing.

Koh countered Lim's accusation by saying that his administration had investigated the "mistake" in awarding the 4.3ha land to the quarry operator before handing over the probe to the Anti-Corruption Agency.

"What cover-up? When the ACA said there was no evidence of fraud, I was not happy.

"We formed a committee and re-investigated the case internally. We forwarded the case again to the ACA for another probe."

Koh said as the ACA again found that there was no fraud, no other action could be taken against the officer for the "mistake".

He chided Lim for not re-opening the case and conducting his own investigation and bringing the issue to the ACA if he was adamant that there was a "scandal".

Koh also took to task Lim's assertion that the state government had already lost the RM40 million even though the case was still being fought in the courts.

"We believe that the damages are not worth RM40 million. We believe we have a case. That's why I did not 'reveal' the issue because the legal process is not over yet.

"But did the opposition reveal this point? No, they just gave up and played up the claim that we have lost RM40 million. This is his half truth."

Koh's "killing blow" came towards the end of the night, when he turned the tables on Lim.

Arguing that if Lim only had the RM40 million case and a few other yet-to-be proven "land scams" against the previous state government, then they were only giving credence to their impeccable track record.

"The Penang government approves an average of 500 land transactions a year.

"Meaning that in our (BN) 18 years there, we approved more than 10,000 land deals.

"If the RM40 million case and a few others are all they can throw at us, this means that we have a success rate of 99.9 per cent," Koh exclaimed, while Lim quickly stared at his notes to avoid eye contact.

As if acknowledging he had walked into a trap, Lim admitted at a press conference later that the public debate would not have been necessary if Koh had accepted his invitation to meet him to discuss the land "scandals".

In an immediate response, Koh said Lim had indeed, through media reports, offered to talk about the issue amicably.

"But in less than 24 hours, he started blasting me in the papers, claiming the previous government and I had committed fraud.

"So I decided that a debate was the best place to reveal the whole truth as everyone could hear for themselves the facts."

Gerakan's "Mr Nice Guy" is a formidable foe when crossed.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

News from the battle front. ,

Saturday could be a momentous event in Johor Gerakan history. A group of anti Teo Kok Chee faction has organised a dinner at the restaurant in the golfing range in Pelangi. They have invited Sdr Kerk Choo Ting to show support for his candidacy for the state chairmanship. Now, most people would have thought that KCT being a good friend of TKC would hesitate to take the offer. But we all know how power gets into your head, even with just a promise of power. Interestingly, the JB division chairman works at the restaurant. Now, the question is: what is on the menu and who is going to pay for the food?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Perak starts the ball rolling

Perak State Delegates Conference has started the discussion everyone in Gerakan has had in their mind ever since the March election. To withdraw or not to withdraw from Barisan Nasional. Even as we contemplate this move, pieces of Gerakan is falling off the wagon as evidenced by the Lee Kah Choong, Tan Kee Kwong and Toh Kin Woon affairs. The leadership cannot ignore the pink elephant in the room any longer. The matter must be addressed comprehensively in the next NDC. If enough states resolve to have this matter on the plate, the leadership will have no choice but to take the bull by the horns and wrestle with it. No matter how painful or politically damaging it is. If the matter is brought up often enough, the only democratic way to resolve this matter would be a referendum among the members at the NDC. The pink elephant in the room is no illusion and we better be ready to deal with it because sooner or later the elephant is gonna move its bowel.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sensitive Issues?

The recent sabotage of the Bar Council Forum indicates the reason why we still have racial parties in Malaysia. The racial parties are there to protect the rights of the individual groups as opposed to the the rights of all. Each party will have their own agenda to promote and rights to protect. Without these agendas and rights, the parties will disappear, made irrelevant by the magnanimity of the people. Alas, the people is petty and weak. Easily manipulated by a cartel of power hungry people with personal agendas, the people is easily divided into different camps, fighting for ideas that has separated mankind ever since the club was invented. Being fair and right has nothing to do with what is mine and might.

The people will have to rise above it all and see the strings that is holding us back from uniting as the human race. Only as one do we see that all these pettiness is absurd and holding us back from achieving greatness.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dr Ker joins the fray.

Pasir Gudang division's chairman, Dr Ker Ching Shen, announced his intention to go for the state chairmanship. The election this year promises to be a heated one with Dato Teo Kok Chee defending his position and Lau Kok Guan already announcing that he will clean house if he wins. Another one or two more candidates are expected to throw their hats into the ring.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why some people go into politics?

After the loss of several seats in Johor during the last election, the BN govt appointed Pembantu Khas kepada MB in areas the BN has lost. Gerakan recommended Koo Shiaw Lee for the post in Skudai. He was the PA to the previous ADUN and has been servicing the area for the last 5 years under the tutelage of the YB. However the appointment has been delayed in the MB's office. No official reason has been given but there has been plenty of speculation. Factions in Gerakan Johor has protested the appointment saying the candidate is too young and inexperienced. One of the hopeful replacement in a moment of weakness even confessed he needed the appointment to enhance his business. Another veteran politician even lamented the candidate's inexperience in 'cari lobang' for businessmen. It seems to some people, appointments are not a responsibility to serve but a licence to raid and plunder. It is not the age that counts, it is the integrity.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Elections in Gerakan

Winning elections in Gerakan is more than coming out with a catchy slogan like “ Change You Can Believe In” and a branding process. It is really more like playing monopoly. The contestants try to get as many properties as they can and the winner gets it all.
The process normally starts a few years before the actual battle. The contestants have to gather soldiers and generals, and placed them in strategic positions. Soldiers = members and generals = delegates. When the battle starts, each contestant will fire accusations and innuendoes to each other. Some will even buy out the other generals literally or turn over the generals with psych weapons.
Sometimes when the battle is lost, the generals might even sabotage the outcome on technicality. That is when the NESC comes in. NESC or National Supervisory Election Committee tries very hard to remain neutral, which is not easy because they are humans too. In any case, dark unseen powers sometimes steps in and voila everything is fine and balance in the universe is restored.

Why Vote for Move IT

In many contests for the top posts in any political parties, things do not work out as it seems to be heading. Many unseen hands work in secret to put their so called "man" in place. That is why it is really difficult for a person with an idea and commitment to break into the comfortable cartel of power. In getting the unseen's hand approval or endorsement, a person might have to sell his soul to the devil.

Move IT in supporting the No Menu initiative has burned this very bridge to victory. Move IT only has his word and commitment for a better Gerakan as his weapon, not to mention a few comrades committed to the view of a just and transparent Gerakan Youth.

In not aligning with established power bases, Move IT is free to implement much needed reform in Gerakan Youth Johor. Positions given is not an honour, it is a responsibility. It should not be a reward given for loyalty but a trust that the job will be done.

Gerakan Youth Johor should have a program to attract like minded people into the party. A party is strong when it has a strong network of committed and active members. We should encourage more people to be our members and not block formation of the wing because they are not "our people". For your information, we have less youth divisions and branches than 3 years ago. We are shrinking into irrelevance.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

UMNO jumped ship?

After the election, I always thought that if Gerakan is to stay true to its principles of equality and fairness, it will either be kicked from BN or asked to leave. Recent events have shown that we won't be the first one. UMNO in its bid to remain numero uno is now going to bed with PAS. Their motives are simple, total malay and muslim domination. The political scenario will be changed, with Barisan Melayu Islam on one side and Pakatan Dan Lain-lain on the other. Every policy will be race based and every decision quota approved. Is this the way forward?

New Gerakan Invention - Mobile Polling Center

Last Sunday, 27 July 2008 saw the birth of a new Gerakan innovation - The Mobile Polling Center. The divisional election in Pagoh was the first time the innovation was tried out. The trial run was a success when the election was completed in time and to the satisfaction of the delegates. The inventor of the Mobile Polling Center, Sdr Wee Chong Yan from Bakri Division who was also the Election Supervisor was forced to innovate when the appointed site of the election was not available on the stated time and date. Using readily available materials, the Mobile Polling Center was born.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gerakan Johor Division Election

Divisional elections were held peacefully yesterday. No unexpected results were received unless YB Lau Chin Hoong lost in Sekijang to Sdr Peter Teo is considered an upset. Party insiders have already predicted the outcome based on the support at branch level. YB Lau never had a chance because there was a lack of preparation in organisation at branch level. Other results were expected. Dato Teo Kok Chee won easily in Gelang Patah as did Sdr Hoe in Pulai. Ex ADUN of Skudai Sdr Koo Kong Ek easily won in JB while Sdr Hew Chin had no problem in Kulai. There was no contest in Pagoh when the incumbent dropped out leaving the challenger unchallenged. The winner was the ex-chairman Tee Sing Kiat. On the Youth side, Sdr Chek Kwee won the Gelang Patah seat. There was no contest in Wanita.

Proton Perdana can of worms

The Proton Perdana/Mercedes Benz saga in Terengganu has been a revelation. The can of worms been implied in this saga shows how corrupt the govt machinery is. How do you maintain a car which cost more to maintain than the cost of the car in a year? I am sure even Ferrari has no answer to that. A lot of hanky panky must be going on and ACA must investigate. Don't just catch the workshop owners, get the people inside the govt too. It must have been easy money for the culprits. Take out good parts and put in imitation parts and charge the govt extra. This must be happening in other states too because other MBs also have the same complaint for the Perdanas. This can of worms must be exposed and punished.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Taman Universiti branch Installation Dinner

Gerakan Taman Universiti branch had an installation dinner for the 2008 to 2011 committees at the sports complex today. Sdr Ting Pang Seng was returned as the chairman of the 700+ members branch. Sdr Jason Lim is the Youth head while Sdri Wong Mei Kim is the Wanita chairman. Dato Teo Kok Chee was in attendance together with MP YB Liang Teck Meng.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BN Tajuddin shoots us on the foot.

MP Tajuddin from Pasir Salak just cannot say the right thing. While declaring that scholarships are Malay rights in the Parliament, he has again put BN into a corner. How can Gerakan support this man and the party he apparently represents. After the reform in the scholarships distribution last year from 90percent bumi and 10percent non bumi to 55 : 45 (bumi not malay), things were looking better and fairer. Tajuddin has put us in a corner. Can we or should we be in the same side as the person who makes such pronouncements? Why didn't our two MPs say something. After all it is official government policy now. Or are scholarships not worth defending? This is something we did right and it is definitely worth defending.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anwar refuse DNA test

Why is Anwar refusing to take the DNA test? First he refused to swore to the quran, the Islamic version of chopping the head of a white rooster. Now he is refusing to take the DNA test. This will just give the police a reason to keep him longer in remand while getting an order from the court. In any case, this will paint a picture of a man not entirely innocent of the charges. Like Mukhriz said, ''Liwat atau tidak liwat'' that is the question.

Why is the police treating Anwar with kid's glove

The whole Anwar saga has exposed the feudalistic way the police treats different classes of criminals. You won't see the police pussy footing around Anwar if the Anwar in question was an illegal alien from Indonesia. They would just go his kongsi and haul him up right there and then. No appointment needed. And they won't need 15 ninja-like police personnel and a helicopter to do it either.

The Anwar in question is treated like royalty as if we are in the 15th century. I thought everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Maybe next time when the police comes for me ( for my unpaid summons), I will get my lawyer to insist on an appointment. And when they come to serve the order(as required by law) unannounced, I will merajuk and not make the appointment. Then the police will have to come to me like paparazzi going for Britney. Hahaha I will have my 15 minutes of fame.

Note: Anwar was admitted to the ROYAL ward no less for the DNA test. Maybe he is royalty after all.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A step in the right direction

I was feeling good these couple of days. No, I did not strike 4D or such things. But when I saw the No 1 and No 2 of the Immigration Dept in handcuffs on the newspapers, there was warm glow flowing through my body. Maybe there is hope after all. Maybe this government is serious about getting rid of corruption. Well, this is a good start. I can't wait for the sequel : Custom Duo in Jail or ASPs in the slammer.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Business As Usual

Recently MP from Pasir Salak, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman labelled non-malays as immigrants in his parliamentary debate on RMK9 mid term review. It has brought criticism from various parties but Gerakan.

There was no news from any Gerakan leaders on this crucial matter. A branch leader from Pasir Gudang was so disappointed with this matter, that he wanted to withdraw from the party because he thinks the party is not voicing out the members' concern. He feels our party is now no longer relevant and has lost the initiative to voice out the concerns of the people.

Maybe the reason for our inaction was because our acting chairman is out of the country on holiday. It would seem we are headless when the head is not in. Our other leaders must be too busy with the elections to bother about the concerns of the people.

This is not acceptable. We cannot be headless every time the head is not available. Somebody must take up the mantle to voice out the concern of the people on behalf of Gerakan. If this is not done, the people will think we are stooges of UMNO and dare not say anything that will jeopardize the Gerakan-UMNO relationship. We are already seen as irrelevant and powerless. Unless we buck up and speak out in matters of national importance, we will be ostracized forever and we can forget about rebranding or reinventing or renaming or rejunevating Gerakan. Poo in another name smells just as bad.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why are we still in election mode?

Why are there still election rallies? Why is the opposition still thinking of ruling the country. Didn't they lose the election? Why can't they wait 5 years to take over the government. If this goes on, the whole country will be in deep shit. Everyone is playing politics and no one is minding the store. Macam mana ni. Pilihanraya sudah habislah. Balik kerjalah YB-YB sekalian. Rakyat memerlukan khidmat mu.

Anwar vows to seize power?

I have a problem when a politician makes a vow like that. It seems he wants it so bad that he will do it by hook and by crook. It is the by crook way which I am adverse to. Is he going to do it in accordance to the law and constitution of the country or is he willing to spread chaos and anarchy just to get his wish. Chaos and anarchy is what I envision when I read into the statement. And now with sword of Saiful dangling over his head, he will be in overdrive to achieve his ambition. When the news broke, the first thing he did was to run and hide in the Turkish Embassy. The second was to report to Taiko USA, who immediately issued a warning. Is this an act of an innocent man? Even if he is innocent, is this the kind leader we want? A leader that runs at the first sign of trouble. Although he claimed the accuser was forced to make the report, there was no concern for the accuser's safety but instead slapped him with a suit as well. Now Anwar will go around to rouse the nation into his defense because that is his only way out.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More hanky panky in the branch elections

Yesterday a group of Gerakan members from a Kulai division branch complained that the list gazetted during the nomination did not tally with the final elected list. The discrepancy was in the list of delegates. One name which was not on the gazetted list was on the final elected list. They have decided to file a formal complaint to the NESC.

If this allegation is true, it shows yet again the arrogance of the powers that be. Election rules can be bend or even broken to suit their own purposes. It is a wonder we still have a party that can be respected.

We must not degenerate into a party controlled by the powerful few. We must remain a party of the people and for the people. Without the mandate of the people, we are irrelevant.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

How arrogant have we become?

The recent incident at the JB division branch election illustrates perfectly how arrogant Gerakan leaders have become. The leader was arrogant enough to conduct the alleged illegal activities right in front of witnesses. There was no hint of shamefulness nor respect for the proceedings when he falsified the signatures and submitted the forms. Like Mugabe, there is no pretense to respect the rules and regulations because, maybe like Mugabe, they believe that only God can take them down. Is this where it starts? If this is where it starts, then I am relieve we were rejected at the last election because not only have we become arrogant but also intellectually challenged.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

White + Black = Grey

The matter in the JB division branch election has been some what resolved. The NESC has decided to disqualify the Taman Majidee branch election and renominate by 12 July. However no action has been taken towards the alleged perpe"traitor". He is not even shown the "show cause" letter. Many Gerakan members are watching this incident closely to see if the national leaders can be fair in such a blatant breach of election rules, not to mention the arrogance of the act. Are national leaders going to do a "Close One Eye Mat Said" too. Let see if the alleged perpe"traitor" is allowed to contest for the post again by 12 July.

Vote Move IT

One of the the most annoying thing about being in a political party is the father knows best attitude in the leadership. Although not all of the leaders are such but most are. I guess it comes with the super ego needed to lead people. However, ego aside, democratic rules and conventions still needed to be adhere to. And the most irritating trait of this "father knows best attitude" is the anointment of selected people for the vacated posts. In a democratic society, leaders have to go through a baptism of fire in an electoral process. This mandatory process will provide the winner with the necessary mandate to lead. When a leader has been selected, the opposing camps should work hard to close the gap. The winner should be magnanimous and the loser gracious in defeat. In actual fact, the biggest winner will be the party because a leader has been selected without any loss in solidarity and purpose. Viva la democracia!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why Vote for Move IT

Many has questioned the rational behind the move for Move IT to go for the Ketua Pemuda Negeri post. When all has been distilled and purify, the only reason for this exercise is CHANGE.

Move IT wants to change Gerakan so that it will be relevant again. After all what is there to lose. We are down to 2 MPs and 4 ADUNs. A party must represent the people. A party that does not represent the people does not have any excuse to exist.

Gerakan has always been touted as the conscience of BN. But the conscience has not been speaking out at the excesses of the government or did not seemed to be doing so. Even though leaders have always maintained that they have voiced out concerns behind closed door, such action is like the old saying "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Over the years, Gerakan has developed a culture of giving positions to party members as a reward for their loyalty instead of true capability. That is why the party has not been able to attract new talents and has become more and more remove from the voting public. We need to attract new people with ideas and commitment to serve the party. We do not need these hangers-on that is sucking the party dry of it's lifeforce and reputation.

No more menu politics in Gerakan. Positions will be given to those with true capability and commitment. Those with ulterior motives will not be given positions because their commitment is to self and not to party or to the public. These leeches need to be extricated from the party or the party will never be reinvented.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

White is white and black is black

Recently at the JB division branch nomination, a branch leader was caught falsifying signatures and submitting forms for the youth and wanita wing of the branch. It was witnessed by a few people and even caught on video. The complaining party even had a press conference to highlight the matter in the newspapers because they fear that the matter would be swept under the carpet by the powers that be. Unfortunately their fears were well founded. The state election committee has referred the matter to national and early signs are not good. This being an election year has transformed many rational people into power hungry spineless twits. In search for votes in the coming election, many things black has turned white and vice versa. The thing is this, do we need such leaders? Reinvent Gerakan? Change leaderslah!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Fish Rots From The Head

Move It will contest for the state youth top post. He is determined to ensure a competition for this important post. This will, he said, ensure a democractic and strong leadership in the youth leadership. The more the merrier, he exclaimed. Democracy is about choice and the people we choose. Therefore the more choice we have, the more democractic we will be. The process of rejunevation cannot be accomplished if the same old leadership is still in charge whether de facto or de jure. Real change can only be achieved through a revolution of ideas and approach. We have to discard the old parochialism and cronysm not to mention the old malady, nepotism. Even white can become black if you are my people and if you are not, everything you do is wrong. Even this disease of the power hungry has permeated into the national HQ recently when we see waivers given out like confetti, even to the day before the nomination. The fish truly rots from the head.

Friday, June 13, 2008

OIL - No increase this year

The PM promised no increase in the price of petrol this year. This is another blow to the goverment's intergrity. After the bitter pill of the 40 percent increase in petrol price, the country seems to be on the right track. With sudden policy changes like this the government is shooting itself in the foot. The government seems to be a slave of popular opinion. A country cannot be governed by popular opinions alone. Leadership is when the leaders do the right thing not doing the most popular thing. My feeling is we have to adjust to this high price sooner than later. Oil is an opiate of the masses. We have relied to much on oil to develop the country instead of real gains in productivity and efficiency. More needed to be done to increase the income of the citizens. The first step is to curb the influx of cheap foreign labor which has depressed the pay of the local job market for ten years. Salary for the working men and women has stagnated. Foreign labor must not be involved in any kind of front line jobs. They should be limited to jobs in the 3D categories, dirty, dangerous and difficult. Citizens should enjoy the fruits of our economic development and not be set aside like the first wife in a polygamous marriage.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What makes a good leader?

Recently I received bad news from our wanita division head. It seems our division's wanita wing could be disqualified because we might not meet the minimum of 4 wanita branches. This is out of 18 branches in our division. It is a shame really. We had 4 branches the last time but the Johor Jaya branch decided not to set up the wanita branch. I am not sure what is the reason but I sure the branch chairman has a good one not to continue with the registration. As a division with the full complement of branches we should have no trouble getting the wanita and youth wing going. Maybe what we need is a leader who leads, not one who wants to sleep.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To Fight or Not

A couple of branch leaders were discussing whether to go for the division chairman post this year. One was lamenting the fact that the opposition is rich and can use money to play politics. He was disconsolate that he feels powerless against the lure of money even though he feels passionately about the Gerakan's cause and has been active in his area for some time.

The other leader was goading him on, reminding him to put his name down on nomination day and let the delegates decide. He feels that whatever the outcome, competition is healthy and good for the party. It will also make it expensive for those who insist on playing money politics.

Whatever the outcome, we deserve the leaders we get. If we choose a weak leader because we love money more than the party then que sera sera, what will be , will be. It is the will of its party members. When that happens, maybe we can do a "Mahathir" or dig in and fight for the party. Democracy is being able to choose.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Potential State Chairman Candidates

Here is a list of Potential State Chairman Candidates for the State Election on September 14

1. Teo Kok Chee - will he run again? He wants to because he wants to ensure a smooth transition. But he says he is tired of politics nowadays. Will he win? Sure, a lot of branches were established under his watch.

2. Lau Chin Hoon - ADUN for Pemanis. Recently decided not to run for division chairman to concentrate on the state post. Intellectual and intelligent but hates looking at longkang. Feels it is the job of the municipality to do their job. Can be a bit cold but has ideas.

3. Dr Ker Ching Sheng - division chairman of Pasir Gudang. Passionate about politics and well funded. Got into the black books of HQ when appeared to issue a statement against non-Johoreans taking posts in Johor. May have scuppered Lim Si Pin's confidence in Simpang Renggam but Liang Teck Meng is not complaining. Not an issue in Johor because Johor leaders are a bit contrarians.

4. Lau Kok Guan - elected state CC. Status is in limbo because he is just an ordinary member in Sentosa branch. Might not get delegate status to contest. Came on to prominence when he attacked the present chairman and candidate for Skudai for incompetence in various forums. Many people think he is just a vanguard for the Puppetmaster. Well, you all know what happens to vanguards. hehe

So far these are the serious players. More will be added as the rumour mills starts production.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gerakan - Parti Komponen BN

One thing that always make my blood boil whenever we have a meeting at BN is the reference by the chairman( usually UMNO) of component parties such as Gerakan, MCA,MIC and PPP. We are component parties but UMNO isn't, was the implied meaning. It makes the word Ketuanan UMNO comes alive if you asked me. I guess it is a way of saying I am in charge and if you don't like it, just keep quiet because I am the boss. In actual fact, we are all component parties of BN. There is no main component or assistant component here. BN only works if there are respect among each of its component. Bersatu teguh, Bercerai.....kahwin lagi.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

13th May - What does it mean to you?

513 brings out a lot different emotion to different people. Even though I did not directly felt the direct blow of a 513 incident at that time, its effect could not be denied years on.

Studying and living in a boarding school in the 70s where the student population of non-malays can be counted on two hands gives me a unique insight into the matter.

In the first year, some people would warned me about the date, insinuating sinister happenings. When I asked around, many seniors were tight lipped and tried to deflect the subject. In reflection they were only trying to shield me from the truth.

As years went by, the matter weighed heavily on me. Sometimes receiving threats, although never carried out, but still intimidating all the same. The racist undertones is clear even though we were all still students. Indoctrination of racial idealogy starts early in Malaysia.

March 8 election in some way has change my mind about this racist country of ours. There is a glimmer of hope when the electorate chooses the other side. Maybe this is the new beginning we are hoping for.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

How to Reinvent Gerakan

Had a chat with another division leader today. He proposed that the state chairman's post should be contested by as many candidates as possible. The more the merrier he said, after all in a democracy the members need to have a choice. And what better time than when Gerakan is at its lowest ebb. He believes that the members will make the right choice and the chosen one will have the mandate to make the needed changes to Reinvent Gerakan.

Move It supports this move. In addition to the state's chairman post, every post in every position should also be contested by a healthy amount of qualified candidates. Candidates should bring with them new ideas and commitment to make Gerakan relevant again in the national political scene.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Recently we had lunch with a division chairman. We talked about the food and of course, politics, specifically party politics. He told me that a PSCC ( Potential State Chairman Candidate ) came to see him and a few cadres looking for support, financial and otherwise for his campaign for the state's highest seat in the party. Quite normal lah since the election is around the corner. All aspiring leaders will have to do this legwork if he or she is to gauge the support in the grassroots. The surprising thing about this PSCC was the reason he blurted out at the end of the meeting on why he wanted the post. He reasoned that the post was essential for him to do well in his line of business. It will give him the street cred and exposure for him to succeed.

Well, one thing I must say for this candidate, at least, he is an honest man.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Branch Leader in Skudai Crossover to DAP

A branch leader in Skudai has decided to jump ship and join DAP today. The leader, an operator of 4 F&B outlets around Skudai and also the Ketua Bilik Gerakan during the recent election decided to quit because of the rumours that he has benefited financially from the election. He feels he has been unfairly treated and is disillusioned with the party leaders. He is bringing along the whole branch with him to DAP.

NOTE: Apparently the fire has been put out. When informed of the situation, another branch leader said incredulously " Again?". Maybe it is the Hula Dancing season.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Menu Culture in Gerakan

One of the most despicable culture presently practiced in Gerakan and also many other parties, is the Menu Culture during any party elections, particularly during state and national elections.

Whenever there is an election, alist of approved candidates will automatically appear. Last state election was quite high tech when the list appeared in SMS form. That is why you can see members looking at their mobile phones during the voting process.

This culture is despicable because it promotes mediocrity in favour of nepotism. It makes bodekism a required skill in any politician's arsenal of WMP(Weapons of Mass Politicking) It is also despicable because Gerakan will lose many talents needed for Reinventing Gerakan.

Therefore we propose a Move It campaign to obliterate the Menu Culture.
Stop the Menu Culture for the good of the party.
Stop the Menu Culture to promote good leadership.
Stop the Menu Culture to deny the mediocre.
Stop the Menu Culture to Reinvent Gerakan.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Reinventing Gerakan

Our latest mission statement.


1. In charting the future plan for the 21st century GERAKAN, we have to recognise several key fundamental economic and political developments within and outside the country:

1.1 The new international political trend, globalisation and greater liberalisation;

1.2 Greater acceptance of non-racial politics among Malaysians, despite the country facing a rising threat of religious politicking;

1.3 The new knowledge era demands the reinvention of organisations with new norms and values like global perspectives, life long learning, win-win smart partnerships and innovations.

2. GERAKAN strives for a fair and equitable Malaysian society through Vision 2020 and the successful creation of Bangsa Malaysia.

3. As a dynamic, progressive, liberal political movement that seeks smart partnerships to ensure a better Malaysia, GERAKAN ‘s mission is to:

3.1 promotes more transparency and accountability;

3.2 secures fair and equal opportunities in an increasingly globalised and interdependent environment;

3.3 strive for universal values of justice, peace, progress, prosperity and good governance;

3.4 be a political party that is proactive and responsive to the needs of a modern Malaysia.

Gerakan’s objectives are:
4.1 To create an egalitarian Malaysian Society based on Humanitarian and Democratic Principles:
a. To eliminate all forms of exploitation;
b. To give full opportunity to everyone for legitimate economic advancement;
c. To promote a just and equitable distribution of wealth;
d. To provide adequate and efficient facilities and amenities with proper regulatory control to ensure fair and just pricing;
e. To encourage the ownership of economic means based on efficient utilisation;
f. To promote healthy trade unionism;
g. To uplift the conditions and standard of living of the working population;
h. To fight for gender equality and universal human rights.

4.2 To work towards the realisation of Vision 2020
a. To establish a Bangsa Malaysia, that adopts the fine elements from all ethnic cultures as the foundation of the Malaysian culture;
b. To create a psychologically liberated, secure and developed Malaysian society;
c. To foster and develop a mature democratic society;
d. To establish a fully moral and ethical society;
e. To establish a mature, liberal and tolerant society in which Malaysians of all colours and creeds are free to practise and profess their customs, cultures and religious beliefs;
f. To establish a scientific and progressive society;
g. To establish a caring society;
h. To ensure the building of an economically just society with fair and equitable distribution of wealth;
i. To establish a prosperous society with an economy that is fully competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient.

4.3 To be a smart partner of all Malaysians to work for the betterment of Malaysia
a. To provide thought leadership on issues confronting the nation;
b. To champion a creative win-win smart partnership;
c. To adopt a pragmatic and principled approach in managing issues.

4.4 To work towards an economically advanced and forward-looking Malaysia capable of meeting the challenges of the new economy
a. To strive for an education system capable of meeting future man-power requirements;
b. To participate actively in the development of a knowledge economy in Malaysia;
c. To support entrepreneurship and private enterprise as drivers of economic growth and generators of wealth and jobs.

4.5 To be a Party of the Future
a. To promote the use of ICT;
b. To work on the balanced approach with idealism complemented by proactive program;
c. To work towards a caring organisation that seeks to represent the deprived and the marginalized;
d. To rejuvenate the party as a learning and intelligent political organisation;
e. To be a political party capable of initiating political innovation and change.

5. The strategic thrusts should provide hope and leadership to the people, and to address and overcome their concerns.

5.1 To continue to uphold GERAKAN’s political philosophy and ideology, which strives for a fair and equitable society.

5.2 To engage in smart partnership within Barisan Nasional, as a resourceful and proactive partner, and as the conscience for the Barisan Nasional.

5.3 To reaffirm our commitment as a non-racial political party that promotes diversity and multiracialism, in line with the reality of Malaysia.

5.4 To participate actively in developing the knowledge economy in Malaysia.

5.5 To reinvent GERAKAN as a learning and intelligent political organisation.

6.1 The Future Struggle
The Party identifies its future struggle as follows:

a. The Short Term Goal
To strengthen the Party organisation and to win the next general election.

b. The Medium Term Objective
To achieve the objective of providing higher education to all and of making GERAKAN an intelligent political party.

c. The Long Term Vision
To achieve the Party’s vision of a fair and just Malaysia with the realisation of Vision 2020 and Bangsa Malaysia.

6.2 Programmes
a. Building of a better Malaysia for all Malaysians, with special attention to the development of the marginalized groups
• To promote pragmatic, liberal and forward looking economic policies;
• To promote inter-ethnic integration;
• To support the school integration programme;
• To promote human rights, basic freedoms and social justice.

b. Concentrated action in working towards the realisation of Vision 2020 and the building of a Bangsa Malaysia
• To promote, among Malaysians of all races, the political discourse on the realisation of Vision 2020 and the creation of Bangsa Malaysia;
• To conduct study and research on the plan of action, and design strategies to attain the desired goals and targets;
• To make persistent efforts to promote the party’s non-racial political ideology by positive engagement with other political parties and non-governmental organisations.

c. Positive engagement with Barisan Nasional and all concerned NGOs to preserve the Federal Constitution and to stop the expansion of extremism in all forms and any effort to set up a theocratic state
• To promote the spirit of the Federal Constitution and the tenets of the Rukunegara;
• To protect Malaysia as a secular state, ruled by parliamentary democratic principles;
• To actively engage with political and non-governmental organisations to work towards a common destiny for all Malaysians.

d. Striving for a fair and just knowledge society
• To promote sustainable development and knowledge economy;
• To support an education system acceptable by all Malaysians, that will also meet the human resource requirement of the knowledge era;
• To narrow the digital divide.

e. Reinventing GERAKAN as a learning and intelligent political party
• To promote GERAKAN as a learning organisation;
• To provide training and retraining programmes to upgrade party members;
• To carry out continuous knowledge input programmes to ensure life long learning for members.

6.3 Projects

The Party has agreed to set up the Wawasan Open University, which will provide opportunities for tertiary education for all Malaysians, especially working Malaysians.

b. Establishment of the NATIONAL DIALOGUE CENTRE (NADI)
The NADI Centre will be a centre for exchange of ideas, where local and foreign academicians and intellectuals will be invited to deliberate on issues of interest to Malaysia.

c. Establishment of SATU ACADEMY
The SATU Academy will provide training as well as retraining to Party leaders and members. This is a step towards developing GERAKAN as a learning organisation.

d. Establishment of SEDAR INSTITUTE
The SEDAR Institute will provide input for political discourse on issues confronting the Malaysian nation. This public policy and socio-economic research centre will focus on research on social equity, cultural diversity, Vision 2020 and Bangsa Malaysia.

e. Expanding the party base and strengthening the party organization
• A membership drive to expand the party base, by recruiting members for existing branches and formation of more branches;
• Special effort will be made to attract professionals, academicians and other knowledge workers to join GERAKAN;
• Extending the ISO 9001 quality management standard to cover all aspects of the HQ administration.
• To set up a working committee to promote and further develop GERAKAN’s Vision, Mission, Objectives, Beliefs and Guiding Principles;
• To develop multi-media and web based publications (CD-ROMs/VCD) to showcase GERAKAN’s stance, approach and successes;
• To publish information booklets on GERAKAN’s Principles, Basic Philosophy, Programs and Projects for Party members and the public;
• To publish speeches of Party leaders.

g. Strengthen Publicity and Communication and improvement on Perception Management
• To improve on media relations;
• To initiate positive engagement with associations and NGOs;
• To organise regular seminars and forums on Vision 2020, Bangsa Malaysia, Education, Knowledge Society and Sustainable Economic Development for the benefit of party members and the public;
• To publish bulletins and periodicals to maintain communication with the members, as well as associations and NGOs;
• To work on GERAKAN Branding by showcasing the party’s success and achievement, especially in Penang.


7.1 To establish a national steering committee to oversee and monitor the implementation of the proposed programs and projects.

7.2 To set up working groups to work on the programs and projects.

7.3 To gather regular feedback on the implementation of the action plan.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tan Kee Kwong hentam Lim Keng Yaik.

Dr Tan Kee Kwong chairman of KLFT Gerakan has asked Party Adviser Dr Lim Keng Yaik to shut up and stop meddling into party matters. He also said the Lee Kah Choon's acceptance of the post in PDC should not matter because he was already only an ordinary member.

Wee Chong Yan of Bakri division in an exclusive interview, agreed wholeheartedly with TKK on the matter. He feels strongly that the party adviser should not publicly admonish any party member on such matter. He does not want the great legacy left behind by the party adviser be diluted by the criticism originating from the party adviser himself.

The knives are now out. After the news broke that the party had nominated Koo Shiaw Lee for the JPMM post, a few members and even a non-member has questioned the ability of KSL to carry out the responsibilities as the Head of JPMM in Skudai. As expected, Lau Kok Guan's name has been bandied about ever since his performance at the Dialogue. See here.

The State Chairman Potential Candidate has been going around meeting a lot of people. Yesterday he was at Pasir Gudang, meeting select members of the division. The SCPC claimed that the JPMM post came with a RM3500 monthly salary and many perks which should be enjoyed by a senior member of the party and not by a mere executive secretary of the state.