Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To Fight or Not

A couple of branch leaders were discussing whether to go for the division chairman post this year. One was lamenting the fact that the opposition is rich and can use money to play politics. He was disconsolate that he feels powerless against the lure of money even though he feels passionately about the Gerakan's cause and has been active in his area for some time.

The other leader was goading him on, reminding him to put his name down on nomination day and let the delegates decide. He feels that whatever the outcome, competition is healthy and good for the party. It will also make it expensive for those who insist on playing money politics.

Whatever the outcome, we deserve the leaders we get. If we choose a weak leader because we love money more than the party then que sera sera, what will be , will be. It is the will of its party members. When that happens, maybe we can do a "Mahathir" or dig in and fight for the party. Democracy is being able to choose.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Potential State Chairman Candidates

Here is a list of Potential State Chairman Candidates for the State Election on September 14

1. Teo Kok Chee - will he run again? He wants to because he wants to ensure a smooth transition. But he says he is tired of politics nowadays. Will he win? Sure, a lot of branches were established under his watch.

2. Lau Chin Hoon - ADUN for Pemanis. Recently decided not to run for division chairman to concentrate on the state post. Intellectual and intelligent but hates looking at longkang. Feels it is the job of the municipality to do their job. Can be a bit cold but has ideas.

3. Dr Ker Ching Sheng - division chairman of Pasir Gudang. Passionate about politics and well funded. Got into the black books of HQ when appeared to issue a statement against non-Johoreans taking posts in Johor. May have scuppered Lim Si Pin's confidence in Simpang Renggam but Liang Teck Meng is not complaining. Not an issue in Johor because Johor leaders are a bit contrarians.

4. Lau Kok Guan - elected state CC. Status is in limbo because he is just an ordinary member in Sentosa branch. Might not get delegate status to contest. Came on to prominence when he attacked the present chairman and candidate for Skudai for incompetence in various forums. Many people think he is just a vanguard for the Puppetmaster. Well, you all know what happens to vanguards. hehe

So far these are the serious players. More will be added as the rumour mills starts production.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gerakan - Parti Komponen BN

One thing that always make my blood boil whenever we have a meeting at BN is the reference by the chairman( usually UMNO) of component parties such as Gerakan, MCA,MIC and PPP. We are component parties but UMNO isn't, was the implied meaning. It makes the word Ketuanan UMNO comes alive if you asked me. I guess it is a way of saying I am in charge and if you don't like it, just keep quiet because I am the boss. In actual fact, we are all component parties of BN. There is no main component or assistant component here. BN only works if there are respect among each of its component. Bersatu teguh, Bercerai.....kahwin lagi.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

13th May - What does it mean to you?

513 brings out a lot different emotion to different people. Even though I did not directly felt the direct blow of a 513 incident at that time, its effect could not be denied years on.

Studying and living in a boarding school in the 70s where the student population of non-malays can be counted on two hands gives me a unique insight into the matter.

In the first year, some people would warned me about the date, insinuating sinister happenings. When I asked around, many seniors were tight lipped and tried to deflect the subject. In reflection they were only trying to shield me from the truth.

As years went by, the matter weighed heavily on me. Sometimes receiving threats, although never carried out, but still intimidating all the same. The racist undertones is clear even though we were all still students. Indoctrination of racial idealogy starts early in Malaysia.

March 8 election in some way has change my mind about this racist country of ours. There is a glimmer of hope when the electorate chooses the other side. Maybe this is the new beginning we are hoping for.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

How to Reinvent Gerakan

Had a chat with another division leader today. He proposed that the state chairman's post should be contested by as many candidates as possible. The more the merrier he said, after all in a democracy the members need to have a choice. And what better time than when Gerakan is at its lowest ebb. He believes that the members will make the right choice and the chosen one will have the mandate to make the needed changes to Reinvent Gerakan.

Move It supports this move. In addition to the state's chairman post, every post in every position should also be contested by a healthy amount of qualified candidates. Candidates should bring with them new ideas and commitment to make Gerakan relevant again in the national political scene.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Recently we had lunch with a division chairman. We talked about the food and of course, politics, specifically party politics. He told me that a PSCC ( Potential State Chairman Candidate ) came to see him and a few cadres looking for support, financial and otherwise for his campaign for the state's highest seat in the party. Quite normal lah since the election is around the corner. All aspiring leaders will have to do this legwork if he or she is to gauge the support in the grassroots. The surprising thing about this PSCC was the reason he blurted out at the end of the meeting on why he wanted the post. He reasoned that the post was essential for him to do well in his line of business. It will give him the street cred and exposure for him to succeed.

Well, one thing I must say for this candidate, at least, he is an honest man.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Branch Leader in Skudai Crossover to DAP

A branch leader in Skudai has decided to jump ship and join DAP today. The leader, an operator of 4 F&B outlets around Skudai and also the Ketua Bilik Gerakan during the recent election decided to quit because of the rumours that he has benefited financially from the election. He feels he has been unfairly treated and is disillusioned with the party leaders. He is bringing along the whole branch with him to DAP.

NOTE: Apparently the fire has been put out. When informed of the situation, another branch leader said incredulously " Again?". Maybe it is the Hula Dancing season.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Menu Culture in Gerakan

One of the most despicable culture presently practiced in Gerakan and also many other parties, is the Menu Culture during any party elections, particularly during state and national elections.

Whenever there is an election, alist of approved candidates will automatically appear. Last state election was quite high tech when the list appeared in SMS form. That is why you can see members looking at their mobile phones during the voting process.

This culture is despicable because it promotes mediocrity in favour of nepotism. It makes bodekism a required skill in any politician's arsenal of WMP(Weapons of Mass Politicking) It is also despicable because Gerakan will lose many talents needed for Reinventing Gerakan.

Therefore we propose a Move It campaign to obliterate the Menu Culture.
Stop the Menu Culture for the good of the party.
Stop the Menu Culture to promote good leadership.
Stop the Menu Culture to deny the mediocre.
Stop the Menu Culture to Reinvent Gerakan.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Reinventing Gerakan

Our latest mission statement.


1. In charting the future plan for the 21st century GERAKAN, we have to recognise several key fundamental economic and political developments within and outside the country:

1.1 The new international political trend, globalisation and greater liberalisation;

1.2 Greater acceptance of non-racial politics among Malaysians, despite the country facing a rising threat of religious politicking;

1.3 The new knowledge era demands the reinvention of organisations with new norms and values like global perspectives, life long learning, win-win smart partnerships and innovations.

2. GERAKAN strives for a fair and equitable Malaysian society through Vision 2020 and the successful creation of Bangsa Malaysia.

3. As a dynamic, progressive, liberal political movement that seeks smart partnerships to ensure a better Malaysia, GERAKAN ‘s mission is to:

3.1 promotes more transparency and accountability;

3.2 secures fair and equal opportunities in an increasingly globalised and interdependent environment;

3.3 strive for universal values of justice, peace, progress, prosperity and good governance;

3.4 be a political party that is proactive and responsive to the needs of a modern Malaysia.

Gerakan’s objectives are:
4.1 To create an egalitarian Malaysian Society based on Humanitarian and Democratic Principles:
a. To eliminate all forms of exploitation;
b. To give full opportunity to everyone for legitimate economic advancement;
c. To promote a just and equitable distribution of wealth;
d. To provide adequate and efficient facilities and amenities with proper regulatory control to ensure fair and just pricing;
e. To encourage the ownership of economic means based on efficient utilisation;
f. To promote healthy trade unionism;
g. To uplift the conditions and standard of living of the working population;
h. To fight for gender equality and universal human rights.

4.2 To work towards the realisation of Vision 2020
a. To establish a Bangsa Malaysia, that adopts the fine elements from all ethnic cultures as the foundation of the Malaysian culture;
b. To create a psychologically liberated, secure and developed Malaysian society;
c. To foster and develop a mature democratic society;
d. To establish a fully moral and ethical society;
e. To establish a mature, liberal and tolerant society in which Malaysians of all colours and creeds are free to practise and profess their customs, cultures and religious beliefs;
f. To establish a scientific and progressive society;
g. To establish a caring society;
h. To ensure the building of an economically just society with fair and equitable distribution of wealth;
i. To establish a prosperous society with an economy that is fully competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient.

4.3 To be a smart partner of all Malaysians to work for the betterment of Malaysia
a. To provide thought leadership on issues confronting the nation;
b. To champion a creative win-win smart partnership;
c. To adopt a pragmatic and principled approach in managing issues.

4.4 To work towards an economically advanced and forward-looking Malaysia capable of meeting the challenges of the new economy
a. To strive for an education system capable of meeting future man-power requirements;
b. To participate actively in the development of a knowledge economy in Malaysia;
c. To support entrepreneurship and private enterprise as drivers of economic growth and generators of wealth and jobs.

4.5 To be a Party of the Future
a. To promote the use of ICT;
b. To work on the balanced approach with idealism complemented by proactive program;
c. To work towards a caring organisation that seeks to represent the deprived and the marginalized;
d. To rejuvenate the party as a learning and intelligent political organisation;
e. To be a political party capable of initiating political innovation and change.

5. The strategic thrusts should provide hope and leadership to the people, and to address and overcome their concerns.

5.1 To continue to uphold GERAKAN’s political philosophy and ideology, which strives for a fair and equitable society.

5.2 To engage in smart partnership within Barisan Nasional, as a resourceful and proactive partner, and as the conscience for the Barisan Nasional.

5.3 To reaffirm our commitment as a non-racial political party that promotes diversity and multiracialism, in line with the reality of Malaysia.

5.4 To participate actively in developing the knowledge economy in Malaysia.

5.5 To reinvent GERAKAN as a learning and intelligent political organisation.

6.1 The Future Struggle
The Party identifies its future struggle as follows:

a. The Short Term Goal
To strengthen the Party organisation and to win the next general election.

b. The Medium Term Objective
To achieve the objective of providing higher education to all and of making GERAKAN an intelligent political party.

c. The Long Term Vision
To achieve the Party’s vision of a fair and just Malaysia with the realisation of Vision 2020 and Bangsa Malaysia.

6.2 Programmes
a. Building of a better Malaysia for all Malaysians, with special attention to the development of the marginalized groups
• To promote pragmatic, liberal and forward looking economic policies;
• To promote inter-ethnic integration;
• To support the school integration programme;
• To promote human rights, basic freedoms and social justice.

b. Concentrated action in working towards the realisation of Vision 2020 and the building of a Bangsa Malaysia
• To promote, among Malaysians of all races, the political discourse on the realisation of Vision 2020 and the creation of Bangsa Malaysia;
• To conduct study and research on the plan of action, and design strategies to attain the desired goals and targets;
• To make persistent efforts to promote the party’s non-racial political ideology by positive engagement with other political parties and non-governmental organisations.

c. Positive engagement with Barisan Nasional and all concerned NGOs to preserve the Federal Constitution and to stop the expansion of extremism in all forms and any effort to set up a theocratic state
• To promote the spirit of the Federal Constitution and the tenets of the Rukunegara;
• To protect Malaysia as a secular state, ruled by parliamentary democratic principles;
• To actively engage with political and non-governmental organisations to work towards a common destiny for all Malaysians.

d. Striving for a fair and just knowledge society
• To promote sustainable development and knowledge economy;
• To support an education system acceptable by all Malaysians, that will also meet the human resource requirement of the knowledge era;
• To narrow the digital divide.

e. Reinventing GERAKAN as a learning and intelligent political party
• To promote GERAKAN as a learning organisation;
• To provide training and retraining programmes to upgrade party members;
• To carry out continuous knowledge input programmes to ensure life long learning for members.

6.3 Projects

The Party has agreed to set up the Wawasan Open University, which will provide opportunities for tertiary education for all Malaysians, especially working Malaysians.

b. Establishment of the NATIONAL DIALOGUE CENTRE (NADI)
The NADI Centre will be a centre for exchange of ideas, where local and foreign academicians and intellectuals will be invited to deliberate on issues of interest to Malaysia.

c. Establishment of SATU ACADEMY
The SATU Academy will provide training as well as retraining to Party leaders and members. This is a step towards developing GERAKAN as a learning organisation.

d. Establishment of SEDAR INSTITUTE
The SEDAR Institute will provide input for political discourse on issues confronting the Malaysian nation. This public policy and socio-economic research centre will focus on research on social equity, cultural diversity, Vision 2020 and Bangsa Malaysia.

e. Expanding the party base and strengthening the party organization
• A membership drive to expand the party base, by recruiting members for existing branches and formation of more branches;
• Special effort will be made to attract professionals, academicians and other knowledge workers to join GERAKAN;
• Extending the ISO 9001 quality management standard to cover all aspects of the HQ administration.
• To set up a working committee to promote and further develop GERAKAN’s Vision, Mission, Objectives, Beliefs and Guiding Principles;
• To develop multi-media and web based publications (CD-ROMs/VCD) to showcase GERAKAN’s stance, approach and successes;
• To publish information booklets on GERAKAN’s Principles, Basic Philosophy, Programs and Projects for Party members and the public;
• To publish speeches of Party leaders.

g. Strengthen Publicity and Communication and improvement on Perception Management
• To improve on media relations;
• To initiate positive engagement with associations and NGOs;
• To organise regular seminars and forums on Vision 2020, Bangsa Malaysia, Education, Knowledge Society and Sustainable Economic Development for the benefit of party members and the public;
• To publish bulletins and periodicals to maintain communication with the members, as well as associations and NGOs;
• To work on GERAKAN Branding by showcasing the party’s success and achievement, especially in Penang.


7.1 To establish a national steering committee to oversee and monitor the implementation of the proposed programs and projects.

7.2 To set up working groups to work on the programs and projects.

7.3 To gather regular feedback on the implementation of the action plan.